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Jim Bowden On The Washington Nationals' Managerial Candidates...

When you're right, you're right, and even when it's the Former DC GM, I feel I must give him his due...Jim Bowden, more than a month before the Washington Nationals even selected Stephen Strasburg with the number one overall pick in the 2009 MLB First Year Player Draft, was quoted from an appearance on a radio show by Washington Times' writer Thom Loverro in an article entitled, "Bowden discovers calling in La-La Land", correctly predicting that Strasburg would sign at the very last minute (which was obvious), while the negotiations, according to Mr. Bowden, "...will end at around $15 million," (which was actually spot-on, and less than a lot of early predictions), so it's with that in mind, that I point you toward the latest "tweet" from the Former DC GM, from Monday night:

• Jim Bowen Twitter:

"…Nats MGR search includes:Mattingly,Duncan,Yost,Riggleman & BValen."

For those unfamiliar with Twitter and the difficulty of cramming a report into 140 characters (Mr. Bowden also listed the Astros' targets in this one tweet), I'll translate Mr. Bowden's claims about the Nationals' search:

"...Nationals' Manager search includes: Don Mattingly, Dave Duncan, Ned Yost, Jim Riggleman & Bobby Valentine."

Is Bowden to be believed? Donnie Baseball in DC? Duncan sans La Russa? Ned Yost has time in Atlanta that overlaps with Stan Kasten's tenure as team President of the Braves...and he played 5 games with the Montreal Expos?...(which matters to some)...Jim Riggleman might have earned the player's trust? Or shown DC GM Mike Rizzo something? Bobby Valentine? Bobby 2010?