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Jim Bowden Updates List Of Washington Nationals' Managerial Candidates.

• Former DC GM Jim Bowden sent out a tweet yesterday listing the candidates for the Nationals' job opening on the bench which read simply, "Nats MGR search includes: Mattingly,Duncan,Yost,Riggleman & BValen," and now this afternoon, Bowden's back with an updated list which includes a few new names:

"Up-Dated Nationals Managerial Candidates: Mattingly, Valentine, Mills, Melvin, Cora, Yost, Bowa."

Don Mattingly, Bobby Valentine and Ned Yost were on yesterday's list, "Mills" is, of course, Brad Mills, the Boston Red Sox' Bench Coach, (and former Montreal Expos' draft pick), Bob Melvin, the former D-Backs' skipper, has ties to Rizzo, Joey Cora's the White Sox' Bench Coach and "Bowa's", Bowa, Larry Bowa, the man you might know as Nick Johnson's uncle, who's still standing at third for the Dodgers.

The LIST (So far) After The JUMP...


DC Manager Candidates Mentioned Thus Far:

  1. Bobby Valentine
  2. Ned Yost
  3. Bob Melvin
  4. Jim Fregosi
  5. Terry Pendleton
  6. Buck Showalter
  7. Jim Riggleman
  8. Kirk Gibson (DC Faithful Approved Regardless Of New Deal With AZ.)
  9. Bob Brenly
  10. Don Mattingly
  11. Larry Bowa
  12. Joey Cora
  13. Brad Mills
  14. ???