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Atlanta Braves Eliminated By Colorado Rockies, Beaten By Washington Nationals, 2-1.

• One Pitch Each Wants Back - Garrett Mock throws a 1-0 fastball to Nate McLouth in the third that goes out over the left field wall as quickly as it came in. McLouth's 19th HR gives Atlanta’s rookie right-hander Tommy "(11-4)" Hanson a 1-0 lead to work with, but Hanson gives up a leadoff single to Willie Harris and one-out walk to Adam Dunn in the fourth, and then gets behind Ryan Zimmerman, who lines a 2-0 fastball off the 390ft sign on the wall in right center  for an RBI double and a 1-1 game.

• Duel - Tommy Hanson gives up a one-out single in the fifth, but strikes out the next two batters, Mock walks the pitcher in the bottom of the frame, but a DP grounder and a swinging K keep things knotted at 1-1. Garrett Anderson's two-out single is the only hit in the sixth and Anderson's stranded when Mock gets a groundout to short and an inning-ending force. Cristian Guzman hits for Mock, or more accurately K's, with two on and two out in the top of the seventh, and Tyler Clippard replaces Mock on the mound, allowing a leadoff walk and then retiring the next three batters in order. The eighth begins with Atlanta lefty Mike Gonzalez throwing a quick 1-2-3 inning, and Clippard returns to strike out the side.

• Top Of The Ninth - Braves' closer Rafael Soriano gives up a leadoff double to Ryan Zimmerman, who waits on a slider and drives it to left for his 35th double of 2009. Mike Morse K's unproductively in the next AB, but Pete Orr always scores them, and he does it again, taking a slider upstairs from Soriano out to left for an RBI single that brings Zimmerman in to finally break the tie. 2-1 DC after eight and a half. DC Manager Jim Riggleman sticks with Tyler Clippard. Clippard gets two outs but lets two on when Ryan Church's single moves Yunel Escobar to third after Escobard had taken a one-out walk. Riggleman finally brings on the closer, Mike MacDougal, who throws four-straight fastballs to Omar Infante and finally jams him to get the groundout the Nationals needed for their 56th win in 159. 

Nationals win, 2-1 final.

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Nationals now 56-103.


• (ed. note - "Numbers"): Garrett Anderson collected his 2,500th hit tonight, congrats. Adam Dunn once again failed to hit a HR, and now only has 3 games to hit two dingers for 40 in 6-straight seasons...Dunn's now 0 for 26 in the last 7 games and he hasn't hit a HR since September 22nd against Los Angeles. Dunn's hitless streak has dropped his AVG from .280 on 9/23 when last hit in a game to .266 after he's held hitless tonight in 3 AB's...


Washington Nationals At Atlanta Braves. Game 159 Of 162. 

Willie Harris goes back up the middle with a leadoff single to start the game against Atlanta right-hander Tommy Hanson. Ian Desmond grounds to Martin Prado, Yunel Escobar, Adam LaRoche, double play. Adam Dunn K’s swinging through a full-count fastball and it’s time for the Braves’ first...Nate McLouth grounds out to Dunn at first. Martin Prado makes Garrett Mock throw nine pitches before taking a full-count fastball for ball four. Chipper Jones ends the inning with a ground ball to Pete Orr to Ian Desmond to Adam Dunn, double play. 

Ryan Zimmerman leads off the second against Tommy Hanson. Zim K’s tryng to check his swing on a bender in the dirt. Mike Morse swings through a two-strike curve high in the zone. Pete Orr gets six straight fastballs from Hanson, who gets a groundout to first to end the top of the frame...Mike Morse glides back to catch the first out off Brian McCann’s bat. Garrett Anderson slaps a single up the middle with one down. Yunel Escobar singles on a 3-1 fastball. Two on for Adam LaRoche. LaRoche grounds out to Adam Dunn. Garrett Mock walks Ryan Church to bring Tommy Hanson up with the bases loaded. Hanson grounds back to the mound, still 2-0. 

Chipper Jones dives, jumps up and fires to first to get Justin Maxwell to start the third. Wil Nieves K’s swinging a foot away from where Hanson’s curve ends up. Garrett Mock pops up over the mound to end the Nationals’ third...Nate McLouth destroys a 1-0 fastball from Mock, and it’s out to left in a hurry, HR. 1-0 Braves. Martin Prado doubles off the left field wall and now it’s Mock vs Chipper with a RISP. Mock walks C. Jones to get to Brian McCann, who plays along with DP grounder to second.Garrett Anderson grounds out to Pete Orr to end the third. 

Willle Harris singles through second to start the fourth. Ian Desmond flies deep enough to center for Willie Harris to take second. Adam Dunn takes a one-out walk to bring Ryan Zimmerman up with two on. Zimmerman drives a fastball to right and off the 390ft mark on the wall, Harris scores, Dunn pulls up and returns to third on what ends up a bad throw in. 1-1 ballgame. Mike Morse flails at a two-strike curve outside. Pete Orr flies out to center to end the fourth...Ryan Zimmerman cuts off a high chopper from Yunel Escobar, spins and throws on one-hop to Adam Dunn who collects it. Adam LaRoche K’s swinging at a full-count fastball. Ryan Church grounds out to Dunn...

Justin Maxwell grounds out to Adam LaRoche at first. Wil Nieves beats LaRoche to the line with a single to right. Garrett Mock K’s trying to bunt. Willie Harris K’s swinging. 1-1 after four and a half...Garrett Mock walks Hanson to start the Braves’ fifth, but he gets a DP grounder from Martin Prado to erase the leadoff baserunner. Mock gets Prado swinging and it's 1-1 after five. 

Tommy Hanson gets Ian Desmond, Adam Dunn and Zimmerman in order in the sixth, and Garrett Mock gets groundouts from Chipper Jones and Brian McCann before Garrett Anderson lines a single to center with two out in the Braves’ sixth. Yunel Escobar grounds to short, and it’s 1-1 heading into the seventh...Hanson gets a groundball to short from Mike Morse. Pete Orr K’s staring a 2-2 curve into the zone. Justin Maxwell battles and eventually gets a slider outside that he can punch into right for a two-out single. J-Max steals second with Wil Nieves at bat. Nieves walks with two down. Cristian Guzman gets a PH appearance. Hanson busts him inside with sliders to get a swinging K and preserve the tie...Tyler Clippard gives up a leadoff walk in the Braves’ seventh. Ryan Church grounds to second, Orr tosses to Desmond who throws high to first to pull Dunn off the bag. Church safe. Brooks Conrad gets a PH chance and he K’s staring at a two-strike fastball down the pipe. Nate McLouth grounds out to first to end the seventh. 

Mike Gonzalez vs Willie Harris. Harris flies out to Ryan Church in right. Ian Desmond lines to third, Chipper Jones stabs it, but drops it and throws out Desmond at first. Adam Dunn grounds out to second, 1-1 in the eighth...Martin Prado K’s looking at an 0-2 fastball. Chipper Jones K’s swinging. Brian McCann swings through a fastball to end the eighth. 

Rafael Soriano’s going to pitch the top of the ninth. Ryan Zimmerman explodes on a fastball that hangs up inside and he doubles off the left-center wall. Big Mike Morse tips strike three into McCann’s glove. Pinch Hittin’ Pete Orr rips a cut fastball to left, Zimmerman scores, 2-1 DC, Orr on second. Orr steals third as J-Max K’s. Wil Nieves K’s looking, 2-1 in the middle of the ninth...Tyler Clippard vs Garrett Anderson. Orr Belliard’s a grounder, dropping and throwing to first, in time!! Yunel Escobar walks in front of Adam LaRoche flies out to left center. Ryan Church singles by first, Escobar takes third. Omar Infante grounds toward third, Ryan Zimmerman jumps on it and throws to second from his knees, got him! Nationals win, 2-1 final. 

Nationals now 56-103.