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Washington Nationals Ask For Dodgers' Permission To Talk To Don Mattingly.

A single Tweet started the DC Faithful talking about the Washington Nationals' '09 Skipper Search (and no it wasn't Former DC GM Jim Bowden this time) as either Ben Goessling or Mark Zuckerman of the Washington Times' wrote this afternoon:

"#Dodgers coach Don Mattingly said a few minutes ago the #Nats have asked for permission to speak to him about their manager job. #mlb."

The former Yankee great and NY Yankees' hitting and bench coach, who currently serves as the Los Angeles Dodgers' hitting coach under old NY Manager Joe Torre, elaborated on the contact in a Chatter post entitled, "Mattingly says Nats asked for permission to interview him", by the Washington Times' Ben Goessling, in which Mattingly is quoted as having confirmed that, "...the Nationals have asked Los Angeles general manager Ned Colleti for permission," to speak to the 48-year-old former major leaguer...


Mattingly, who'll be asked to shave his soul-patch if he is to join the Nationals, said in the Washington Times' Mr. Goessling's article that he had also spoken to the Cleveland Indians about their job opening, as's Ken Gurnick wrote today in an article entitled, "Mattingly interviews with Tribe by phone", and Mr. Mattingly confirms that DC GM Mike Rizzo was being up front and honest when he told's Bill Ladson in an article last week entitled, "Nats to commence manager search soon", that, "...the search for a new manager will be in full swing soon but...the skipper may not be named until the postseason is over," as Mr. Mattingly explains that:

"'Cleveland's on, it seems like, a little different timetable,' Mattingly said. 'Washington is willing to wait until after the World Series to start.'"

Is that a wise move on the Nationals' part? Does the franchise become more appealing the more candidates are allowed to investigate? 

Was DC GM MIke Rizzo also telling the truth when he told Washington Post writer Chico Harlan, as quoted in an article last week entitled, "Front Office Moves...And The Decision That Follows" that, "We've got a terrific in-house candidate in Jim Riggleman, who's got as good a chance as anybody."'s Jon Heyman seems to think so, as he writes in an article entitled, "Hate'em or love'em, these gritty Phils are something else", that:

"Interim Nationals manager Jim Riggleman is the favorite to receive the permanent gig. If they're conducting a search, it's the quietest search ever."

Whatever, Heyman...they totally asked someone for permission to talk to someone today...though...they actually haven't confirmed's just Mattingly far. For the record, Mr. Heyman says Mattingly's a perfect fit as Torre's replacement in 2011 in LA...

Vote Bobby 2010...