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Washington Nationals News: Ian Desmond's DWL Debut, Lerner On The Media.

• In the most recent edition of's Bill Ladson's "Nats Inbox: What's in store for Storen", Mr. Ladson responds to a question about what the future holds for Nationals' infielder Ian Desmond and outfielder Justin Maxwell, by noting that Maxwell was, "...inconsistent with the bat," while with Desmond, "...there is a question about his defense. He made over 30 errors this past season," (34 total between Harrisburg, Syracuse and DC) and as a result, "...some in the organization have some doubts about them." Sounds like, if Mr. Ladson's right, the Nationals will be in the market for a middle infielder...Orlando Hudson, Stephen Drew? Who should the Nationals pursue?

• Ian Desmond made his Dominican Winter League debut with the Tigres del Licey last night, batting second and starting at short, but going 0 for 4 with a K in a 4-1 Tigres' win over the Gigantes del Cibao. With Licey ahead 4-1 in the 8th, former Dodgers' reliever Yhency Brazoban gave up a two-out single and walk and the Tigres' called upon Nationals' pitching prospect Atahualpa Severino to get the last out of the inning, which he did by striking out former Rangers', Twins', Orioles', Indians', Mariners' and Rangers' prospect Jose Morban to end the eighth and preserve the Tigres' 3-run lead. 

• Final Score - Tigres 4, Gigantes 1. -

(ed. note - "In case you didn't know, and I didn't until last night, Federal regular, CD3K discovered that the DWL's Tigres del Licey are streaming games live over at So when Dukes gets down there and starts working on hitting breaking stuff, there will be a few DC prospects to watch every night...")


• Nationals' Owner Mark Lerner On The DC Media.

• Strasburg + PitchFX = Awesome.


• Nationals' Owner Mark Lerner On The DC Media.

"'I'm also probably past being disappointed with some of our regular reporters or columnists. As one of Ted Leonsis' minority partners with the Washington Capitals, I learned that some sports reporters or columnists don't let the facts get in the way of passing opinions.'"

That's Nationals Principal Owner Mark Lerner talking about the coverage the Nationals received in the DC media when prompted by's Bill Ladson in a wide-ranging interesting interview entitled, "Q&A with principal owner Lerner", and Mr. Lerner doesn't stop there, stating that he's, "...learned that some sports reporters or columnists don't let the facts get in the way of passing opinions,"...and it just doesn't stop...four paragraphs worth:

" seems some reporters just don't even know what they don't know, and often don't even know what they think they know."

"As a fan, and as an owner, no one hates to lose more than I do, but I like to base my opinions and my emotions on fact, not on cocktail party suppositions. That's the difference between a mature fan or pundit, and a childish tantrum...

"I have had to learn not to expect more from some of the folks covering the Nationals. My friends have been telling me that for a few years...

"I have to remind myself that the job of many reporters is filling column inches more than being factual or informed."

(ed. note - "The reaction pieces that are sure to follow should be interesting. The link above will lead you to the full interview, which you really should read in its entirety...but... Wow...not since the current administration called out FOX...or since "41" called out Olbermann and Maddow...not sinc....sorry, forgot about my own no politics rule...")

Elsewhere in Mr. Ladson's interview, Mr. Lerner lists the, "Five things (which) happened in '09 that Nats fans will look back to as critical to the success we'll have in the future," (in this order):

  1. The offseason signing of Adam Dunn.
  2. The extension of Ryan Zimmerman's contract.
  3. The midseason trade for Nyjer Morgan.
  4. The 2009 First-Year Player Draft. (read: Strasburg and Storen).
  5. The signing of Mike Rizzo. 

(ed. note - "For the record, Mr. Lerner, you and I were not far off as far as '09's Top Stories go...Here's my own Top 5 from earlier this offseason..."):

  1. Stephen Strasburg Signs.
  2. Mike Rizzo Becomes Full-Time GM.
  3. Ryan Zimmerman's Hit Streak. 
  4. Jim Bowden Resigns.
  5. Adam Dunn Signs With DC.

(ed. note - "You'll never guess who Mr. Lerner settles on as the Nationals' '09 MVP...and he's another +1 on Zimmerman for the Gold Glove. Again,'s Bill Ladson's Must Read Interview With Mark Lerner.")

• Strasburg + PitchFX = Awesome.

Washington Times' writer Tim Lemke notes, in his article entitled, "Pitch F/X for Strasburg Thursday", that's GameDay and their Pitch F/X System will be there tomorrow to capture the, "velocity, angle and movement" of each and every pitch DC's '09 1st Round pick Stephen Strasburg throws in a late afternoon game against the city of Peoria, Arizona's second-favorite AFL team, the Peo Javelinas in a game that starts at 3:35 pm EST, (I believe it's 3:35 pm EST, though Mr. Lemke lists it as 2:35 pm EST in his's schedule has it at 12:35 pm MST...Arizona's three hours behind the east coast, right?") There will be a GameThread up if anyone's at the game or following along...