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Former Nationals' Manager Manny Acta To Become Cleveland Indians' Skipper.

According to's Jon Heyman's latest Tweet, "manny acta is getting #indians managerial job," though there are as of yet no reports from the Cleveland Indians or Mr. Acta himself. Mr. Heyman's next Twitter update states that, "acta is a solid choice for #indians job. sought after by 'stros too. bobby v may have chosen to stay on tv." 

Update: 2:54 pm EST:

Cleveland Plain-Dealer writer Paul Hoynes confirms Mr. Heyman's tweeted opinion in an article entitled, "Cleveland Indians select Manny Acta as new manager with 3-year contract", where Mr. Hoynes writes that the Nationals' mid-season dismissal may have helped Mr. Acta land the Indians' job as he writes that Mr. Acta:

"...used the free time (to) watch the Indians on cable tv to get a feel for their team. He knew the Indians were struggling and might make a move at the end of the season."