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The Ian Desmond Era Has Arrived, Washington Nationals 6-3 Over Atlanta Braves For Five-Straight...

• E: 143 - With two down in Atlanta’s first, Martin Prado takes off from first after having singled his way on off DC right-hander Livan Hernandez, and the throw to second from DC backstop Wil Nieves bounces and shoots by Ian Desmond into center, Prado takes third. E: 143 of ‘09 for DC. OUTCOME: Chipper Jones flies out to center ending the inning, no harm. 

• Ian Desmond likes hanging curves, and he explodes on one from Braves’ starter Derek Lowe in the second, lifting it to left, over the wall and out for a solo shot to start the frame. 1-0 NY. After Livan Hernandez allows two runs to score on a two-run double by the Braves’ backup catcher, David Ross, Justin Maxwell starts the third with a stand-up triple and scores on Elijah Dukes’ RBI groundout, then Desmond does it again, tripling to right with two on and two out in the third to make it 4-2 Nationals. 

Ryan Zimmerman walks with one down and Ian Desmond gets a free pass one out later. Alberto Gonzalez comes through with a hard-hit grounder through short and Zimmerman gets hit in the leg by Garrett Anderson’s throw in from left as he slides in safe at home. The ball bounces off Zim allowing Desmond to score, and Alberto Gonzalez speeds around to third, 6-2 DC. 

Nationals win, 6-3 final. 

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• More Post Game, And, For The Completists, Full Game Report After The JUMP...

Nationals now 57-103.

• Livan Hernandez lasts through 6.1 IP, allows 9 hits and 3 ER, the final one scoring once he's left the game after Mr. National gives up a two-out single to Martin Prado that sends Nate McLouth from first to third in front of Chipper Jones, who'll face a new pitcher, Saul Rivera, and after C. Jones grounds out to first, he's 2 for 19 in his career against the Nationals' right-handed reliever. Rivera's replaced by Ron Villone, who gets Adam LaRoche swinging and gets the first two outs of the eighth to bring Jason Bergmann in against Braves' catcher David Ross. Ross squares to bunt and gets hit by the pitch, which was a strike last I heard, though the Ump disagrees, and all the call does is make Bergmann angry, so he blows Brian McCann to end the eighth. 

• Mike MacDougal gives up a one-out double to Martin Prado before he strikes out Chipper Jones and Adam LaRoche to end the Nationals' 57th win. MacDougal converts his 20th of 21 chances, and collects his 28th and 29th K' he's getting close to evening things up with his 31 walks....Justin Maxwell finishes the game 2 for 5 with a run scored and his first triple of the year. Adam Dunn goes 2 for 5 with two opposite field doubles to break an 0 for 26 streak at the plate...Ian "Move Over Guzman" Desmond ends the game 2 for 3 with 2 runs scored and 3 RBI's, hits his 2nd triple and his 3rd HR and collects his 11th RBI in first 70 MLB at bats.


Washington Nationals At Atlanta Braves. Game 160 Of 162. 

Justin Maxwell K’s swinging at a two-strike bender from Derek Lowe. Elijah Dukes takes a 2-2 fastball for a called strike three. Adam Dunn goes the other way with a line drive off the left field wall and a two-out double. Ryan Zimmerman gets nothing to hit and walks in front of Josh Willingham. The Hammer grounds to Chipper Jones who throws to second for the force...Nate McLouth grounds sharply to short. Martin Prado gets one through second by Ian Desmond’s side of the bag, (ed. note "...which I guess is technically short."). Chipper Jones up when Prado swipes second, and DC backstop Wil Nieves bounces the throw into center, Prado takes third. E:143. Chipper Jones flies out to center. Adam LaRoche gives Maxwell more work with a high fly ball to end the first.


Ian Desmond gets a hanging curve from Lowe and he lifts it to left and GONE! HR, 1-0 Nationals in the top of the second. Alberto Gonzalez walks, but gets thrown out trying to swipe second. WIl Nieves K’s swinging through a two-strike sinker. Livan Hernandez chops one straight down and gets thrown out by the catcher...Garrett Anderson slices a line drive to left for Josh Willingham to handle. Yunel Escobar punches a single to center with one down in the Braves’ second. Omar Infante lines over Alberto Gonzalez and into center. Livan Hernandez leaves one up low and inside and David Ross doubles to the left-center gap to score two runs making it 2-1 Atlanta. Derek Lowe grounds out to third. Livan walks Nate McLouth. Martin Prado grounds out to second to end the bottom of the frame. 

Justin Maxwell destroys a fastball from Lowe, lining to the wall in right-center for a standup triple to start the third. Elijah Dukes grounds out to second, Maxwell scores, 2-2 ballgame. Adam Dunn lines to left for another double. Ryan Zimmerman walks for the second time. Josh Willingham flies out to Nate McLouth in left center. Ian Desmond goes the other way with a deep fly ball to right that Omar Infante can’t reach, two runs score, as it falls in the corner, 4-2 Nationals. Alberto Gonzalez sends a broken-bat liner to short, 4-2 DC after three...Chipper Jones flies out to Willingham in left. Adam LaRoche takes a full-count fastball for a called strike three. Ryan Zimmerman stabs a low liner from Garrett Anderson on his backhand and throws out the veteran lefty. 

Wil Nieves walks and then gets erased by a DP grounder from Livan Hernandez. Justin Maxwell hits a two-out single to right. Elijah Dukes flies out to McLouth to end the top of the fourth...Ian Desmond whips the throw to first to get Yunel Escobar. Omar Infante and David Ross hit back to back singles with one down. Derek Lowe gets the sac bunt down, but Nate McLouth flies out to center to end the fourth. 

Adam Dunn K’s swinging over a two-strike curve. Ryan Zimmerman rips a single to left, Josh Willingham follow with a long fly ball to the wall that Nate McLouth pulls back in with a leaping catch in left center. Ian Desmond walks with two down. Alberto Gonzalez smokes one through short, Zimmerman rounds third, Garrett Anderson comes up throwing but hits Zimmerman, Zim scores, Desmond rushes home as the ball goes flying, Alberto Gonzalez takes third. 6-2 Nationals. Derek Lowe is done. WIl Nieves’ grounder ends the Nationals’ fifth...Martin Prado flies to center off Livan for a leadoff single. Chipper Jones flies out to left. Adam LaRoche grounds to second, Alberto Gonzalez backhands to Desmond for the force. Garrett Anderson lines out to Justin Maxwell, 6-2 DC after five.

Livan Hernandez doubles to left center to start the Nationals’ sixth. Justin Maxwell grounds out to third. Elijah Dukes vs Chris Medlen. Dukes uses his Discerning Eye to draw a one-out walk. Adam Dunn K’s swinging. Ryan Zimmerman flies out to right...Yunel Escobar grounds out to Ryan Zimmerman. Omar Infante does the same. David Ross flies out to short left, Josh Willingham closes his glove on the Braves’ sixth. 

Willingham flies out to right. Ian Desmond grounds out to Prado at second. Kris Medlen strikes out Alberto Gonzalez to end DC’s seventh...Kelly Johnson gets a pinch hit chance and gets a single to right to start the bottom of the frame. Nate McLouth grounds into a force at second, but beats the DP throw to first. Martin Prado sends McLouth around to third with single through short. Livan’s done, Saul Rivera gives up a run on a groundout to first. 6-3 DC. Ron Villone’s on to face Adam LaRoche, Lefty vs Lefty. LaRoche chases a two-strike slider across the zone. 

Kenshin Kawakami will pitch the eighth for Atlanta. Wil Nieves lines to center to start the Nationals’ half. Willie Harris K’s swinging way over a 2-2 change that dives out of the zone. Justin Maxwell grounds to short, Yunel Escobar to Martin Prado to Adam LaRoche, double play...Garrett Anderson swings through a two-strike fastball upstairs. Yunel Escobar grounds back to the mound. Omar Infante rips a liner to left, but pulls up at first. Villone’s done. Jason Bergmann vs David Ross. Ross squares to bunt and gets hit for what should be a strike, but he gets a free pass, (ed. note - "Nice call, Ump!"). Bergmann’s po’d and he takes it out on McCann, throwing a two-strike heater by the Braves’ catcher to end the eighth. 

Eric O’Flaherty takes over for Atlanta. Elijah Dukes grounds out to Yunel Escobar. Adam Dunn rolls one out to first, Ryan Zimmerman grounds out to short...Mike MacDougal’s on to end it. Nate McLouth flies out to left. Martin Prado doubles over first and into the corner in right. MacDougal throws a 96 mph two-strike fastball by Chipper Jones. Adam LaRoche K’s swinging, Nationals win, 6-3 final. 

Nationals now 57-103.