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Game 162: Finally, some history we can call our own!



What a game. Longest in Nationals history, second sweep in row, and ending the season 7-0 after starting 0-7, a first in major league history!  A long, tense, low-scoring game with both side in and out of many jams. J.D. Martin (+0.174) went a solid 6.0, but had to be bailed out by Tyler Clippard (+0.200), Jason Bergmann (+0.066), Ron Villone (+0.219), Saul Rivera (+0.428--he went 3 scoreless), and Logan Kensing (+0.352).  The bullpen combined to throw 9 innings after Martin's quality start.  Alberto Gonzalez (+0.190) came through with the winning RBI single (+0.372) and Adam Dunn (+0.231) had a pinch-hit RBI single for the Nats' other run.  Whew!  See you in the offseason.