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Will Ryan Zimmerman Win The 2009 NL Gold Glove At Third?

• Gold Glove (clapclap)!! Gold Glove (clapclap)!! 

The Bill James "Fielding Bible Award"'s Baseball Tonight's "Web Gem Champion"...A finalist for This Year in Baseball's Defensive Player of the Year...but the one we want in DC is the GOLD GLOVE!! David Wright's two-year reign will end today (Wed 11/11)...Will Ryan Zimmerman win it, or will he get robbed? The AL Gold Glove winners were announced yesterday...Here's what Bill James of "The Bill James Handbook" fame had to say about his decision to give the Nationals' 1st 1st Round pick his first Fielding Bible Award: 

"Ryan Zimmerman has broken out of the pack in my estimation, however, by becoming the Defensive Runs Saved leader at third base over the last three years."

Check out's Final 2009 NL Defensive Stat Leaders at 3rd. 

Does Zimmerman get recognized or robbed?