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Jim Riggleman To Be Named Washington Nationals' Manager?

7:51 pm EST: (Updated: Washington Post writer Dave Sheinin seems to have made this as official as it gets before the Nationals themselves announce it, writing in a Nationals Journal post entitled, "Riggleman named Nats' permanent manager", that:

"The Washington Nationals selected interim manager Jim Riggleman as their permanent manager on Wednesday, according to a source familiar with the deliberations, ending a short but wide-ranging search."

I thought all along that a better candidate would be found once the season ended, but the Nationals have apparently decided that Mr. Riggleman is the right man...(whispers: 'At the right price...'), more news when it's available.")

7:14 pm EST: Jim Bowden Says It's Riggles...(cont.)...

Either Jim Bowden's become his own worst enemy or he's sure of his sources, because he just sent out a message on his TwitterFeed which reads as follows:

"JimBowdenIV: Jim Riggleman is Manager of Nats...has the job Full-Time...waiting for confirmation...but it is done"

The speculation everywhere today was that the search for a new DC skipper had come down to either Washington's incumbent Interim Manager, Jim Riggleman, who led the Nationals to a 33-42 record after taking over for Manny Acta in mid-July, or former Rangers', Mets' and Chiba Lotte Marines' manager Bobby Valentine, who was looking to return to the major leagues after a 5-year stint in the Japanese Pacific League. 

This would be Riggleman's third full-time gig, following stints with the Padres ('92-94) and Cubs ('95-'99) in which he led the two teams to a combined 486-598's Keith Law? What do you think of the idea of the Nationals choosing Riggleman over Valentine?**

"In what universe would Jim Riggleman be a better choice for Nats manager than Bobby Valentine?"

(ed. note - "OK, I didn't actually ask Mr. Law that, it was just a Twitter message he sent out this morning before the news of Riggleman's ascent was 'sort-of' announced". We're awaiting official word from the Nationals, which might not come until Friday...")