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Jim Riggleman Returns The Favor, Hires John McLaren As Washington Nationals' Bench Coach.

In late October 2007, when new Seattle Mariners' Manager John McLaren hired Jim Riggleman as his bench coach, Mr. McLaren described his relationship with the former Cubs and Padres' skipper to writer Jim Street in an article entitled, "Mariners add experienced coaches":

"'We have known each other since the '80s, when we came up as coaches, and we have kept in contact over the years,' McLaren said. 'He is someone I have respected for a long time. He was thrilled when I called him and is excited about coming here.'"

When the Mariners chose to part ways with McLaren in late 2008, it was Riggleman who replaced him, taking over the reins for 90 games, after which he himself was replaced on the bench. Before the Mariners had settled on Don Wakamatsu as the Mariners' manager for 2009, Riggleman had agreed to become Manny Acta's bench coach in DC, with the understanding that he was still in the running in Seattle, but when he didn't get the job, he joined the Nationals, eventually replacing Acta 87 games into the season. 

And now, Washington Times' writer Mark Zuckerman is reporting, in an article entitled, "McLaren hired as bench coach", that Mr. Riggleman has decided to bring Mr. McLaren aboard as his own bench coach for 2010, taking over for Pat Corrales, who'll, "remain in the Nationals organization in another capacity," according to Mr. Zuckerman, who also notes that Mr. Riggleman must still, "...decide what to do with five other coaching positions."