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Washington Nationals: Adam Dunn And Vladimir Guererro Rumors...'s Phil Wood took Phil Taylor of the Chicago Tribune to task over the weekend about the possible destination Mr. Taylor identifies for LA Angels' free agent outfielder Vladimir Guerrero in a recent article at the Boston entitled, "Here are early projections on where top free agents will land",  where he writes that the former Montreal Expos' All-Star could end up returning to the nation's capital:

"Washington has enough money to bring back the eight-time All-Star to his original franchise, making it more acceptable to trade Adam Dunn for some badly needed pitching."


The Nationald do need pitching...but...the only Adam Dunn rumor I've heard so far this fall was in an article by St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer Joe Strauss entitled, "Cards say Bay is not a priority" where Mr. Strauss wrote that, "The Cardinals heavily scouted the Washington Nationals before last July's trade deadline and retain interest in outfielders Adam Dunn and Josh Willingham," while also noting that Dunn, " entering the final season of a two-year deal that pays him $12 million in 2010," which makes Dunn a good bet to be moved at the deadline if the Nationals don't try to extend him, but as far as trading Dunn before the season starts as they'd have to in order to bring in Guerr...well, why even take the idea seriously, it makes no sense as's Phil Wood points out:

"Guerrero is a likely future Hall of Famer, coming off a season where he appeared in only 100 games, due to a number of nagging injuries, including a strained pectoral muscle. Out of those games, he played only two in the field, DH'ing in the rest. Most scouts who've seen Guerrero the past couple of years don't believe he can be an effective defensive player anymore, despite his past reputation."

The fact of the matter, as a lot of folks said last winter, is that both Dunn and Guerrero are probably both more suited to a DH role at this point in their respective careers, though Dunn may have extended his NL career a bit with a somewhat successful move to first late last season, but I don't see any way in which Vladi Guerrero makes sense in DC...but as a former Montreal Expos' fan, I'm willing to be convinced...

(ed. note - "By an odd coincidence, and nothing else I assume, Adam Dunn was asked for a quote about the St. Louis Cardinals' two tall starters Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright that played as a soundbite on XM's MLB Home Plate Update last week around the time the NL Cy Young was announced...This is what Dunn had to say about the two right-handers against whom he's hit in 11 of 40 at bats (.275 AVG) with 1 double, 2 HR's, 4 RBI's, 10 walks and 12 K's... Dunn's opinion of Carpenter and Wainwright:

"They're both the exact same. They both have a big devastating curve ball, they have a really good slider, and uh, if they really want to mess you up they'll throw a changeup, so, they, uh, they're the exact same so..." 

"Why Dunn, in particular, was asked, I'm not sure...")