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New York Times' Tyler Kepner On Baseball And WAR...

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Former New York Mets' and current Kansas City Royals' starter Brian Bannister sees the change coming, as he tells New York Times' writer Tyler Kepner in an article in the Sunday New York Times Sports section entitled, "Not Your Grandfather's Stats: Baseball Redefined":

"'I think, whether the traditional baseball community wants to acknowledge it or not, the fan base and the media have finally embraced and immersed themselves in advanced statistics," Bannister said. "I think you’re going to see more and more people brought up with that influence. I really just think that the future of the game is in the numbers.'"


Of particular interest to Mr. Bannister were the WAR values calculated by which he followed this season: "'I love WAR,'" Bannister explained to Mr. Kepner:

"...because you’re not only seeing if a guy had 20 home runs and 90 runs batted in, but how good is he compared to other guys at his position?" Bannister said. "I thought Zack (Greinke) had a chance to be the first 10 WAR pitcher."

According to, Grienke finished the '09 campaign with a 9.4 WAR, which, as Mr. Kepner reminds readers, "...measures how many more victories a player is worth than an average replacement who could be found on waivers or at Class AAA." By way of comparison, the highest rated pitcher on the Nationals this season was Jordan Zimmermann, who finished the season with a 1.8 WAR after 16 starts and 91.1 IP. John Lannan, (the only pitcher to qualify for's list of the Top WAR pitchers in 2009, coming in at #43 of 45), had a 1.5 WAR when the season ended...Ross Detwiler in just 14 starts and 75.2 IP, had a 1.3 WAR...Tim Lincecum, the highest rated pitcher in the NL finished at 8.4 WAR...