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Vote Ryan Zimmerman For TYIB's Defensive Player Of The Year!

You have until December 11, 2009 to vote for Washington Nationals' third baseman/Face of the Franchise™, who's up for This Year In Baseball's Defensive Player of the Year after an '09 season that's seen Ryan Zimmerman win the ESPN Web Gem title; take home Bill James' Fielding Bible Award; make his first All-Star appearance; earn his first Gold Glove; and his first Silver Slugger, while hitting 9 more HR's than he'd hit before, (33), collecting more RBI's than he's had since Soriano was around, (106), with more more walks (72) and the best OBP (.364) he's posted in any full season, the best SLG, (.525) and the best OPS, (.888), that the 25-year-old right-handed hitting and throwing Virginia Beach, Virginia native and UV almunus has so far put together...uh... Zimmerman also...had an NL leading 20.1 UZR/150...and 7.1 WAR...which was 4th best in the National league, placing Zimmerman behind only Hanley Ramirez (7.3), Chase Utley (7.6) and Ryan Howard (8.4)...a .963 FP%, 325 assists, 28 double plays...

If that isn't enough, on Monday Ryan Zimmerman was named to the, "Dream Team For Public Service" by All Stars Helping Kids, a foundation, the press release reads, "...created by Pro Football Hall of Famer, #42, Ronnie Lott...which recognize(s) the top athletes who have given back to their community." (ed. note - "Here's the link to's Alden Gonzalez's article on the Dream Team for Public Service entitled, "An MLB Dream Team for Public Service"...)

• The Kids Call Him Zim!!! Go Vote For Him...

(ed. note - "Seriously, the competition? Jacoby Ellsbury? Who? Michael Bourn? From the movies? Torii Hunter? (He's pretty good...)...Kaz Matsui? (Wasn't good enough for the Mets?)...Yadier Molina (Pretty Good Too...uh)...Melvin Mora? (Next?)...uh...Jimmy Rollins...and Troy Tulowitzi...well Zimmerman takes a back seat to no one here...Vote ZIM!")