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Washington Nationals: Shortstop Watch...Adam Everett?

There is actually a lot of free agent talk going on out there, it's just that none of it involves the Washington Nationals. You can look and see that the Red Sox, having lost SS Alex Gonzalez to the Toronto Blue Jays, are left with,"...virtually no choice but to sign Marco Scutaro," as's Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi pointed out in an update of their article entitled, "Latest buzz from the MLB offseason", narrowing the field of available free agent infielders even further as DC GM Mike Rizzo searches for the player the Nationals intend to replace Cristian Guzman with, if they decide Ian Desmond needs a full year at Triple-A...

Mr.'s Rosenthal and Morosi also provide the reasons the Red Sox have for looking at Scutaro alone, as the FOXSports' writers critique the other remaining free agents:

"...Orlando Cabrera's defense has declined, and many clubs believe that Miguel Tejada needs to move off short. Adam Everett is a terrific defender, but an even weaker hitter than (Alex) Gonzalez."

Everett, one of two SS's Mr.'s Rosenthal and Morosi identified as the Nationals' targets at short earlier this offseason, (alongside Gonzalez), hit just .238 with a .288 OBP, .325 SLG, 21 doubles, 4 HR's and 44 RBI's in 118 games over which he posted a .969 fielding percentage (5th best in the AL), committed 14 errors (6th most in AL) and helped turn 67 DP's for the TigersEverett's 13.6 UZR/150 ranks as the second best rating amongst shortstops in the American League, behind only the Orioles' Cesar Itzuris, (14.1 UZR/150) and third overall in baseball behind Itzuris and Jack Wilson (20.4) another light-hitting free agent SS who already signed elsewhere...Will the Nationals go after Everett, the solid defender to play behind their young pitchers, thinking they have enough offense up front? Is Everett an improvement over Cristian Guzman? (Guzman in '09 - .284 AVG, .306 OBP, .390 SLG, .696 OPS, .962 fielding percentage, (-2.6) UZR/150, 20 E's, 65 DP's.)

More and more DC fans are expressing the feeling that it's going to be the "in-house" candidate, Ian Desmond, at short when the season begins...