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Jim Riggleman Alone Amongst Candidates For Next Washington Nationals' Skipper?

Former DC GM Jim Bowden thinks Jim Riggleman is the man for the full-time Manager’s job in DC. Washington Times’ writers Ben Goessling and Mark Zuckerman said it was going to be Riggleman yesterday and MASN’s Byron Kerr quotes Mr. Riggleman himself saying that a decision should be made any day now, now that the World Series is over...Will the Washington Nationals finally name their next full-time manager? 


During last night's World Series-deciding game in New York, former DC GM Jim Bowden sent out a Twitter message that referenced the Yankees' Skipper, Joe Girardi, who had once been under consideration for the Nationals' job, back before Washington settled on Manny Acta back in 2006:

"Nats didn't spend for Piniella or Girardi last time, so likely Riggleman will have interim tag removed and be named MGR after WS." 

Of course, a day earlier, Washington Times' writers Ben Goessling and Mark Zuckerman, in an article entitled, "Riggleman could stay with Nationals", wrote that the decision could be determined by the Nationals', "...reluctan(ce) to spend top dollar on its manager," citing "club sources" who said that said reluctance: 

"...likely would eliminate high-profile candidates like Bobby Valentine or Buck Showalter despite interest from both former managers in the job." 

WIth Mr.'s  Zuckerman and Goessling also reporting in the article that Don Mattingly had, "removed himself from consideration" for the Nationals' job opening, it appeared, in their opinion, that only Mr. Riggleman remained amongst those candidates who had been under consideration, with former D-Backs' Manager Bob Melvin, "who had spoken to (DC GM Mike) Rizzo in recent weeks...more attractive as a bench coach," 


Mr. RIggleman himself told MASN's Byron Kerr in an interview published yesterday along with an article entitled, "Quick update with Riggleman", that though he, in his own words, "...really hadn't talked to anyone," about being given the full-time job, he, as Mr. Kerr wrote, "...expects the talks with the Nats to heat up as soon as the World Series concludes." 

With the World Series now officially over following the Yankees' win in NY on Wednesday, how long will the Nationals wait to make things official with Riggleman? Or, will the team, which has made no public statements regarding their search other than to say that they would take their time and conduct a thorough search surprise the baseball world by unveiling a candidate no one is expecting? Either way, it won't be long now until DC fans know who'll be leading the twenty-ten Nats...