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Washington Nationals: Elijah Dukes/DWL Update.

Elijah Dukes: Lost in Translation?

I spent a little while last night feeding the following paragraph --(taken from a article by Dionisio Soldevila entitled, "Captain America" arrives Thursday", about the Dominican Winter League's Tigres del Licey's announcement that they would immediately add MLB outfielder Eric Byrnes to their roster)-- into online translators (since I don't read/speak Spanish) to try to figure out exactly what the Tigres were saying about their plans for Washington NationalsOF Elijah Dukes, who played four games for Licey before leaving the team in mid-November to be with his father who had fallen ill and eventually passed away:

"De igual manera, los Tigres desistieron de traer de vuelta al jardinero norteamericano Elijah Dukes, quien partió hacia los Estados Unidos por la muerte de su padre, pero dejó plantado al Licey en varias oportunidades.

"Ya al Licey no le interesa tener de vuelta a Elijah Dukes", informó Busto."

The last line is what caused the translators fits...


Here's how it translates:

"Similarly, the Tigers desisted to bring of return to the American outfielder Elijah Dukes, who left toward the United States by the death of its father, but left planted to the Licey in several opportunities.

"Already to the Licey does not interest to have of return to Elijah Dukes", reported Bust."

"Licey does not interest to have of return to Elijah Dukes"? Dukes isn't interested in returning? Dukes' return is interesting for the team? Somebody want to help us out here? Is something lost in translation or is Licey saying that they're not interested in having Dukes return? 

• Washington Post writer Dave Sheinin, in a Nationals Journal post entitled, "Nationals notes: Dukes, L. Hernandez", reported that DC Skipper Jim Riggleman had traveled to Florida to visit with Dukes and his family after Dukes' father had passed away and Mr. Riggleman is quoted in the article stating:

"It hit him (Dukes) hard," Riggleman said, "because Elijah was really looking forward to his father seeing him play -- and then after a few weeks, he's gone."

Mr. Sheinin goes on to say that Dukes is, "...expected to return to his winter ball team this week," which is why the quote from the article above is even more confusing...

I'll update in the comments section whenever further information is available...