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Washington Nationals' 2010 Middle Infield Update.

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• After Saturday's midnight non-tender deadline there were 266 free agents on the market, with just 22 middle infielders amongst them. Here's the current list, (according to MLB Trade

2nd - Ronnie Belliard (Type B - Not offerred arbitration), Jamey Carroll, Craig Counsell, Mark DeRosa (Type B, Offered arbitration), Nick Green, Jerry Hairston, Jr., Orlando Hudson (Type A), Kelly Johnson, Adam Kennedy, Felipe Lopez (Type B - Not offered arbitration), Mark Loretta, Pablo Ozuna, Juan Uribe.

SS - Alfredo Amezaga, Eric Bruntlett, Orlando Cabrera (Type A - Can't be offered arbitration), Craig Counsell, Chris Gomez, Nick Green, Khalil Greene, Jerry Hairston, Jr., Miguel Tejada (Type A - Not offered arbitration).

• The last word from DC GM Mike Rizzo was in a Washington Post article by Chico Harlan entitled, "Rizzo Day III Briefing", where Mr. Harlan wrote that in Mr. Rizzo's opinion, he saw, "...the signing/acquisition of a 2B as being more likely," since, as he was quoted stating, "I think there's certainly more second baseman available of interest than there are shortstops of interest," on the free agent market.

Which infielder should the Rizzo regime sign?


• As a Type B free agent who wasn't offered arbitration, Ronnie Belliard would cost the Nationals nothing if he were brought back, and since they were reportedly considering Orlando Hudson at times this winter, why not get the guy who beat Hudson out for the starting spot at second after he joined the Dodgers late last season in a trade. The Nationals expressed interest in Mark DeRosa earlier this offseason according to two of's Bill Ladson's baseball sources, who were cited in an article entitled, "Nats show interest in DeRosa, Gonzalez", where Mr. Ladson wrote that the Nationals, "...mostly likely see DeRosa as a second baseman and right fielder." (ed. note - "Playing second and backing up Dukes in right...can DC overpay DeRosa like Pudge?") Giving up a 2nd round pick for the aforementioned Orlando Hudson doesn't make much sense for a team committed to building through the draft. Kelly Johnson, we discussed last night...Felipe else on the list the Nationals should consider?