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Washington Nationals Ask, "Is Jason Marquis The One?"

In an 11/18/09 New York Post article entitled, "Marquis calls Mets, 'perfect fit'", Jason Marquis told the New York Post writer Barth Hubbuch that he thought the New York Mets were "a perfect fit" for him, and the 31-year-old free agent right hander called on a fellow former Brave and current Mets' right fielder Jeff Francoeur as a character witness, to reinforce that Francoeur, "...wasn't kidding when he told the Post this summer that free-agent right-hander Jason Marquis badly wants to be a Met in 2010,":

"It would always be nice to come back home and represent your hometown [as a member of the Mets]," said Marquis, who grew up in Staten Island and still lives there."

Having lost out to the Boston Red Sox in their attempts to sign free agent pitcher John Lackey, the New York Mets have reportedly turned their attention toward former Sox' left fielder Jason Bay, who appears unlikely to return to Fenway now that Boston's signed Mike Cameron, and NY is reportedly resigned to choosing from what Newark Star-Ledger sports writer Brian Costa described Tuesday morning in an article entitled, "The Arms Race", as, "...a handful of far less desireable free agents to fill their need for another starting pitcher." 

Tuesday evening, writer Bill Ladson had this report via his Twitter Feed:

"I spoke to Jason Marquis and he has interest in playing for the Nationals. I will have a story shortly."

In the article on Marquis' interest in DC entitled simply, "Marquis interested in Nationals",'s Bill Ladson acknowledges the "published reports" about Marquis' desire to play in his hometown, but as Mr. Ladson writes, Marquis also, "...said he wants to play for a team that makes him feel wanted." Marquis' was the first name on The List of free agent pitchers of interest for Washington that DC GM Mike Rizzo gave to Washington Post writer Chico Harlan for an early September '09 article entitled, "Reading Material, Shopping Lists", (though more than likely just by chance), but just last week, in an article from the Winter Meetings entitled, "Nats search for arms, backup middle infielder",'s Bill Ladson wrote specifically that, "Rizzo acknowledged that Washington still has interest in right-hander Livan Hernandez, the team's own free agent, and right-hander Jason Marquis."

When asked a few weeks back what it was the Nationals were looking for in a free agent pitcher, Mr. Rizzo described their ideal target to's Bill Ladson in an article entitled, "Nats interested in free agent Lackey", as, "...a special type of veteran pitcher,":

"...(a pitcher) who is willing to give of himself as a teacher and mentor type of guy. We have to get a team-oriented person, a person that is going to give his time and his knowledge. It's not an easy task."

In's Bill Ladson's latest article, "Marquis interested in Nationals", Marquis says he feels he can fill that role in DC, much as he has in Colorado over that last few years, with Mr. Ladson writing that, "...Marquis said he can be one person who can help Washington's young pitching staff...(and)...teach the young kids what he learned from veterans like Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, Chris Carpenter and Matt Morris." 

...oh, he's saying all the right things, but is Marquis just trying to put pressure on the Mets? Is his interest in Washington genuine? Have the Washington Nationals have found their man? Mr. Marquis, the 31-year-old veteran of 10 MLB seasons, sounds like he might have found his team, whether or not they're ready to bring him on board, telling Mr. Ladson:

"'Some of the moves the Nationals have made -- like [signing Stephen Strasburg] signing Pudge [Ivan Rodriguez] and getting [Brian Bruney] -- they are making the necessary steps. I feel I can fit right in and bring a winning attitude to the team. Every where I've been, I've won. I feel it's not a coincidence. I want to help a team get over the hump.'"

Oh, this guy's good. Is Jason Marquis the free agent starter Washington's been looking for?