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Washington Times' Sports Coverage...Done?

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According to an article by Washington Post writer Howard Kurtz entitled, "Washington Times to cut staff to reach goals", which reports on the Washington Times' decision to lay off, "  least 40 percent of its staff," Mr. Kurtz writes that the "Unification Church, will slash its coverage of local news, sports and features," as they attempt to refocus their efforts on what they believe are, in Mr. Kurtz's words, "...its core strengths: politics, national security, (and) investigative reporting," and while that may sound like the end of the Times' sports coverage, (and their coverage of the Nationals in particular) might...just be, as Mr. Kurtz writes that the company's president, "(Jonathan) Slevin would not confirm that the metro and sports sections would be dropped," but, "...he said coverage of the Washington Nationals or suburban governments would be 'of less interest, if any, to someone in Spokane.'" 

Is one newspaper (and a whole lot of blogs) covering the Nationals enough?