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Washington Nationals Sign Jason Marquis...Matt Capps Next?

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• So...I was wrong about Jason Marquis feigning interest in the Nationals to force the Mets' hand...I'll admit it. The Washington Nationals signed the 31-year-old right-handed free agent this afternoon to what is reportedly a 2-year/$15 million dollar deal (pending a physical). Marquis told's Bill Ladson, in an article last week tellingly entitled, "Marquis interested in Nationals", that he wanted, " play for a team that is headed in the right direction and making the moves that (are) necessary to get themselves back to being a winning organization." Who would have guessed he was talking about the Washington Nationals? Uh, if not for the article's, uh, title, of course...


• Reaction To Marquis Signing With DC.

• Capps Too? Is It Possible?

• MASN's Rob Dibble On The Nationals' Moves.


• Reaction To Marquis Signing With DC.

• The second big signing of the winter for Washington, following close on the heels of the much-maligned two-year deal extended to future Hall of Fame catcher Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez, the Nationals' deal with Marquis has already drawn similar scorn, with most of it the "why sign players when you won't compete this season" variety, which is usually in reality the bitter rant of a fan who thinks (most often incorrectly) that his or her own team is just one pitcher away from competing with the game's elite, and thus doesn't want to see any player "wasted" on a perennial doormat like the Washington franchise. This makes Nationals fans happy! (ed. note - "Some who don't like the deal think Marquis walks too many...His 3.3 BB/9 ranked as the 10th highest amongst starters in the NL last season, these folks might have an argument.")

Capps Too? Is It Possible?

• And just when you thought you were going to get Matt Capps, Cubbies!'s Bill Ladson is reporting that former Pittsburgh Pirates Nyjer Morgan and Sean Burnett, both acquired by the Nationals in a mid-season deal for Lastings Milledge and Joel Hanrahan, are teaming up in an attempt to lure Capps away from what are rumored to be preliminary discussions with the Chicago Cubs, where more former Pirates, Tom Gorzelanny and some other Cub reliever, (I know his name it's John Grabow, just subtly insulting him) had come together to attempt to lure the free agent closer to the so-called Windy City according to an article this weekend.

And according to's Jon Paul Morosi's latest Nationals-related tweet:

"The #Nationals would be able to afford both Marquis and Capps, if Capps wants to sign there. He should decide this week."

MASN's Rob Dibble On The Nationals' Moves.

I made sure to tune in for the beginning of MASN tv analyst Rob Dibble's XM Radio show, "The Show" with Dibble and Jody McDonald to hear what MASN's Nationals announcer had to say about the Marquis signing:

"(Players) moving into Washington are not saying, 'Oh hey I can't wait to play for that 100-loss team,' they're doing what Ivan Rodriguez did when he went to Detroit, 'We're gonna turn this thing around, we're gonna go in the right direction'...and I think the people in charge are giving them every opportunity, now it's up to the players...Last year I was very critical of the players and now I think it's really gonna fall upon them to go out there and give their best efforts because they are going to get backing, they are going to get better pitchers like Bruney in the bullpen, and Marquis in the rotation and Ivan Rodriguez to either be the starter or the backup there for a few years, they're doing everything they can to give them an opportunity to turn this thing around, now it's up to the players to grab hold of this, go to Spring Training with the proper attitude and not be happy about any loss next season, we're not talking about a hundred, we're talking about the first loss, you gotta be ticked off from that point on and want to change things..."

The Nationals have scheduled a 2:30 pm EST press conference for Tuesday afternoon to introduce their new starter. Plan for it to begin around 5:00 pm EST...MASN's covering it LIVE and hopefull Streaming as usual!!! It starts at 2:30 pm EST to be clear.

•'s Byron Kerr broke the story of Marquis signing, here's the latest update of his article entitled, "Nats to sign Marquis."