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Washington Nationals Close In On Eddie Guardado...

New, comments's Bill Ladson's been on the beat all night...Apparently the signing won't stop, as the Washington Nationals are now reportedly close to signing veteran lefty "Everyday" Eddie Guardado. The 38-year-old, 17-year reliever pitched for the Texas Rangers last season, putting up a (1-2) record with a 4.46 ERA (6.10 FIP) in 48 games and 38.1 IP, over which Guardado, a Stockton, California native, allowed 19 ER, 8 HR's (1.9 HR/9) and 15 walks (3.5 BB/9) while striking out 20 (4.7 K/9) and posting a 1.41 WHIP with a ERA+ of 104...Mr. Ladson's latest Twitter message on Guardado reads as follows:

"I have it comfirmed that the Nationals are set to sign reliever Eddie Guardado. I'll have more on"

But it doesn't stop there, according to early tweets from the writer:

• The Nationals will know by tomorrow night where Matt Capps decides to pitch.

• The Nationals are still thinking about Orlando Hudson.

• And...The Nationals "continue to have interest in John Smoltz." 

In Rizzo We Trust.