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UPDATED: Washington Nationals And Matt Capps Working On Deal?

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UPDATE: Thursday - 1:03 am EST - Washington Nationals Sign Matt Capps.

UPDATE - Wednesday - 10: 06 pm EST - If you go by what Chicago Tribune sports reporter Dave van Dyck says in an article tonight entitled, "Cubs may lose out on Capps", since free agent closer Matt Capps announced last night that he'd choose a home for 2010 before tonight is through, "...the Cubs ha(ve) not heard any positive news,":

"It appears that Washington will offer Capps a chance at more than a one-year contract and, what might be more important, a chance to close games."

That is, of course, at odd's with the initial reports cited below from's Buster Olney's source who said that Capps was close to signing a one-year deal with Washington.'s Bill Ladson spoke directly to Capps' agent Paul Kinzer, and sent a message to his Twitter followers which read: 

"Agent Paul Kinzer told me reliever Matt Capps has not reached an agreement with the Nationals -- yet. I'll have more later."

Two hours after that "yet" came the next update from Mr. Ladson's Twitter feed

"Agent Paul Kinzer said Matt Capps hopes to have a deal done in the next couple of hours.

According's Buster Olney's sources, as quoted in an article entitled, "Sources: Capps would be closer", the Washington Nationals and free agent closer Matt Capps are close to agreeing to a one-year deal that would make Capps, in Mr. Olney's words, "..the presumptive favorite to be the Nationals' closer," in's Bill Ladson sent out a Tweet yesterday afternoon announcing that 26-year-old right-hander would make a decision tonight whether to join the Chicago Cubs or the Nationals, and though nothing's yet official, if Mr. Olney's sources are correct, it appears another free agent has decided to join the movement in the nation's capital guided by DC GM Mike Rizzo, who's seemingly single-handedly making Washington a desirable destination.