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Memo To Washington Nationals: Sign Aroldis Chapman! Now-ish!!!

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By far the most interesting article I read yesterday was's Jorge Arangure, Jr.'s story of a possible oversight on the part of Aroldis Chapman's representatives entitled, "Aroldis Chapman and the taxman", which is about how the inability to agree on a deal for the 22-year-old left-hander before the end of 2009 might cost the Cuban phenom several million dollars or cost the team that signs him a bit more since he'll most likely want to recoup the difference. Here's how Mr. Arangure, Jr.'s source explains what he thinks the Chapman camp may have missed:

"Signing bonuses that are received outside the U.S., by a non-U.S. resident, and in a tax year in which the person did not work in the U.S., are not subject to U.S. taxation," wrote agent Joe Kehoskie, who has represented Cuban players for several years, in an email. "As far as I'm aware, neither the Hendricks brothers nor Rodney Fernandez (who represent Chapman) have ever completed a contract for a foreign free agent, so I bet this issue flew right under their radar. Right now, it's shaping up as a $3 million (or more) loss for Chapman."

It might be a good idea for anyone who's really interested in acquiring the left-hander to make an offer before the week is over...Mr. Arangure acknowledges this possibility but writes that, "...even then it's unlikely he'll be able to complete the necessary paperwork in time," as for Chapman attemtping to recoup the difference from the team that eventually signs him, Mr. Arangure quotes the same agent who wrote to inform him of the mistake that may have been made stating that, "...Unless Chapman signs for well over $20 million, he'll net less money than if he had simply signed with Boston for $15 million when that offer was presented."

On behalf of the Nationals I'd like to extend Aroldis Chapman a $15,000,001 dollar offer...(ed. note - "That's right, 'Price is Right' the Red Sox!! I have no authority to do this...and less than $100 in my pocket...but I'm sure the Lerners will back me up on the money part!")