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Washington Nationals: Hot Stove Update.

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DC GM Mike Rizzo's tone when he told Washington Post writer Thomas Boswell (in an early September '09 article entitled, "Time to Make Most of This Horror Show", where he listed fourteen of the top free agent pitchers on the market), that he knew, "Some of (the pitchers) have club options that may be picked up...But that's a long list. We're going to get one of them," seemed much more assured than that with which he addressed the Nationals' approach to the upcoming Winter Meetings in writer Bill Ladson's 12/2/09 article entitled, "Pitching the focus for Nats at Meetings", wherein he was quoted as stating:

"'We don't think that the free-agent class leads us to [pay big money]' Rizzo said. 'I believe the things we need or want the most are out there, and we are going to address it. I don't see us going after that super free agent like Matt Holliday or Jon Garland. I don't see us playing on that level. We don't think it's a fit for us.'" 

Two weeks ago,'s Bill Ladson's "baseball source" said in an article entitled, "Nats interested in free agent Lackey", that the Nationals were, "one of several teams who have expressed interest in free agent right-hander John Lackey", and Mr. Ladson held Washington's pursuit, last winter, of free agent first baseman Mark Teixeira, (who, of course, signed with New York), up as an example of how, for "...the second year in a row...the Nationals have been players for a big name free agent," but two weeks later, Mr. Ladson's writing that DC fans should not, "...look for the Nationals to attempt to break the bank like they tried to do with first baseman Mark Teixeira during last year's Winter Meetings." Uh?...

• What made DC GM Mike Rizzo and the Nationals change their minds?

• Should the Nationals be pursuing pitching talent via free agency?

• Did you seriously think that Washington would sign someone like John Lackey this winter?

• Will the Nationals and their new GM be able to trade for the talent they think they need? 

• The Marlins' Ricky Nolasco? The Braves' Javier Vazquez? Someone in another division, please? Who should the Nationals be pursuing?