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Oakland A's Also Interested In Aroldis Chapman.

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The San Francisco Chronicle's Susan Schlusser writes this morning, in an article entitled, "A's: Cuban pitcher wooed", that the Oakland A's and GM Billy Beane are, in her words, " the thick of the bidding," for the 22-year-old, Cuban-born, left-handed pitcher Aroldis Chapman. The A's join the Red Sox and Marlins as three teams who've made public their interest in the international free agent, though 15 teams watched him pitch in a showcase bullpen session earlier this month. Will the Washington Nationals make an offer? Have they already? The new DC Front Office has maintained their increasingly familiar quiet public stance on any negotiations or offers if they've taken place or been made, though DC GM Mike Rizzo has stated that he was impressed with what he saw in the throwing sessions. Ms. Schlusser (guess)timates that Chapman, who reportedly has offers for around $13 and $15 million already on the table, "...could be looking for something close to $20 million."

Have the Nationals made an offer? Can they afford another 20-something pitcher in the same price range as Stephen Strasburg? Can a rebuilding team afford to pass up a chance at a pitcher this talented when all it will cost them is cash? How high would you go with an offer if you were the Nationals?

(ed. note - "Here's last night's post about why Chapman and his agents might want to work out a deal sooner rather than later.")