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Washington Times Ends Sports Coverage.

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(ed. note - "You're not going to read anything better this morning, (if you haven't already), than the Washington Times' Mark Zuckerman saying goodbye as the transitioning newspaper makes official its decision to end their sports coverage:

"Thanks to the Times, I got to spend countless hours with Frank Robinson, cherished moments with one of the sport's true giants, who it turns out has a far bigger heart than most would have ever guessed. Thanks to the Times, I got to cover Manny Acta, one of the most genuine human beings I have ever encountered in any walk of life and one you can't help but root for to find success. Thanks to the Times, I got to be reacquainted with Jim Riggleman, 12 years after first meeting him as a wide-eyed college intern assigned to cover the Chicago Cubs for a summer."

Read the full article HERE.

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...Mr. Zuckerman's colleague Ben Goessling is promising a much less eloquent farewell this morning.")