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Washington Nationals: 2009 Top 5 Lists.

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It's officially time for lists and countdowns, so let's ring in the new year by looking back at the one that ends today. The Washington Nationals Year in Review in list form...

Top 5 Things Washington Nationals' Fans Won't Mind Never Hearing Again After 2009...

5) "Line drive to center, Milledge starts back..."

4) "Don't worry, about a thing, cause every little thing..." (ed. note - "Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" played after every loss in Nationals Park.")

3) "Did they really fine Dukes for going to a Little League game?"

2) "No free agents will ever sign with Washington."

1) Natinals jokes. (ed. note - "Just kidding...Natinals jokes are still super funny.")

Top 5 Acquisitions Of 2009 After The JUMP...

Top 5 Acquisitions Of 2009:

5) Stephen Strasburg - Potential No. 1 starter. Recognized as far and away the best prospect in years. The Washington Nationals drafted and signed the SDSU Aztec right-hander after Strasburg put together one of the best collegiate seasons imaginable in his draft year. The only consolation for 2008's 100-loss campaign, Strasburg's more than enough to make you forget about the last two seasons, and his debut figures to be the highlight of the 2010 campaign...We'll see what the twenty-ten no. 1 overall pick provides this June to make up for the 100-loss '09 season...

4) Ivan Rodriguez - The Nationals weren't going to go with backups behind the plate again this season if Jesus Flores isn't healthy, so they identified their target and overwhelmed him with an extra year and a few million more than anyone else was offering, letting Pudge know he was their man, and letting their fans know that DC GM Mike Rizzo was on a mission this winter...

3) Nyjer Morgan - Brad Wilkerson, Endy Chavez, Marlon Byrd, Alex Escobar, Nook Logan, Brandon Watson, Justin Maxwell, Roger Bernadina, Lastings Milledge and Elijah Dukes all had their chance to secure center field in DC, but in five seasons, no Washington outfielder claimed the job as their own until Nyjer Morgan arrived in the nation's capital and introduced Tony Plush to the DC Faithful.

2) (tie) Matt Capps/Drew Storen - Faced with a choice between pitching the 7th and 8th innings for the Chicago Cubs or having a good shot at closing for the Washington Nationals, free agent right-hander Matt Capps chose the latter, agreeing to a one-year deal that should allow the Nationals' 2nd '09 1st Round pick, pitcher Drew Storen, to get acclimated to the big leagues before he takes over the ninth-inning role he was drafted to fill.

1) Jason Marquis - A veteran starter was the first thing on the Nationals' wish list this winter, and DC GM Mike Rizzo attracted one not many people predicted would end up in Washington. Marquis was reportedly interested in returning to his roots to pitch for the New York Mets, but something about the Washington Nationals appealed to the right-handed starter who'll join John Lannan as one of two sure bets to make the 2010 rotation.