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With the season almost upon us, I thought I'd put together a User's Guide for the site, to welcome any new visitors who discover, and I thought I'd turn to the people who are already here for help in one or two sections I was thinking of including...

First, though, these two posts written in the last few weeks are designed to help any new visitors navigate the SBN Community...let me know if they're helpful...

Slyde at Red Reporter (SBN's Cincy Reds blog) put together a post entitled, "RR Tech Tips: Enhancing Your Reading Experience", which offers particularly good information about navigating the sites.


The Cheat at South Side Sox (SBN's CWS blog) posted a guide entitled, "Make South Side Sox Better: A Guide To Better Posting" which has info on FANPOSTS, FANSHOTS, Tagging, Headline Writing, etc.

As those of you who have posted here know, I have no problem promoting contributed posts/columns/rants granted they're relatively inoffensive, (don't contain any sexist/racist/homophobic/just basically ignorant sentiments), and for those who do contribute, I'll just assure you that more people read what's written here than I ever would have imagined, so have at it, I'm an idealist, and I do believe that a community of voices is much more interesting than a singular point of view...

Up next...

The Glossary of Terms...

I'm going to leave this up somewhere so that it can be added to throughout the season, but I figured I'd start it and then you could add to it in the Comments...Anything you've ever read here that seemed site-specific, nicknames I may have forgotten, etc. I'll start:

Player Names, Nicknames, (Explanations): (In Alphabetical Order) (ed. note - "Trust me, these make a lot more sense if you follow the Gamethreads...")

- Luis Atilano - Nickname Pending (let's wait and see if he makes the Opening Day roster).

- Collin Balester -  Bally, Ballystar, Battlestar.

- Ronnie Belliard - Ronnie B., Belli, Belli-YARD(upon homering), "Old Drop and Throw"(because he drops every grounder then throws to first)

- Roger Bernadina - Bernie? I got nothing...

- Jason Bergmann - Neptune NJ's Finest, Rutgers' Finest, The Bergmann of Alcatraz, "Not A Fly Ball Pitcher." (At least Bergmann doesn't think so.)

- Daniel Cabrera - The Project, DC's Own DC Daniel Cabrera, The Closer In Training.

- Kory Casto - Kasto, Casto!!(clapclap) Casto!!(clapclap)

- Matt Chico - Slowhand...

- Elijah Dukes - Elijah "Super" Dukes, SooperDukes

- Adam Dunn - The Big Donkey, Dunn-K, The Bigger Wilkerson, or Big Wilky for short.

- Jesus Flores - The Jesus, WWJD?

- Alberto Gonzalez - The General

- Cristian Guzman  - The Guzzzzz

- Joel Hanrahan - "Wild" Joel Hanrahan

- Willie Harris - Thrillie Harris, WILLIE HARRIS WANTS TO PLAY!!, TAWH(The Amazing Willie Harris)

- Anderson Hernandez - A-Hands, Acta's Favorite Infielder

- Shawn Hill - "The Oft-Injured Shawn Hill", Hill on the Mound, The Pride Of Mississauga, Ontario.

 - Nick Johnson - Nicky J., Babe Ruth the 3rd, Nick Nick, Johnson Johnson, The Semi-Mythical Healthy Nick Johnson, Nick "When Healthy" Johnson, Trade Bait

- Austin Kearns - AK, Kearnsie, Bluegrass, Mr. Kentucky, Bowden's Boy, Doghouse's Favorite.

- John Lannan - John "Cool Hand" Lannan, Ace

- Lastings Milledge - Lasto, L-Millz, "Deep Center" Milledge

- Garrett Mock - MOCK'd (as in, "You just got...")

- Scott Olsen - Nickname Pending

- Wily Mo Pena - WMP, WMPe

- Saul Rivera - Saul "Sa-ool" Rivera, Sa-Oool!!, The Hardest Working Reliever in Baseball

- Steven Shell - Nickname Pending

- Ryan Zimmerman - THE KIDS CALL HIM ZIM!! THE KIDS CALL HIM ZIM!!©, Zim(n), The Face of the Franchise©, The Nationals' #1 Pick in '05, The Best Defensive 3rd Baseman in Baseball.


The Plan - The 5? Year Plan For Rebuilding The Franchise From The Bottom Up.

NatsTown© - Dave from Nats News Network explains...

The W.A.R. Effort - Check Out Doghouse's Latest...

(ed. note - "Where I (e chigliak) comment on my own commentary.")

Anything to add? Any tips for new visitors? Favorite aspects of the blogging platform? Things that could use improving? This is a community project, so if there's something missing, mention it, add it yourself, contribute in any way you can...(ed. note - "I'm tired of typing so this ends for now...")

to be continued...

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