2/26 The Strasburg Files Episode 1- Aztecs Win!

Whats up DC! First of all I am a Padres fan and if you guys think you are getting Stephen Strasburg in June you better watch out for big bad Scott Boras. Buuuuut, since you think you are going to draft him I'll be nice and scout him for you. I wasn't able to bring my camera tonight so no video or pictures today but I don't put out on the first date anyway. You perverts! Anyway, I'm not a real scout so I'll just give you what I've got. On to the scouting! Woooo Aztecs win! Please excuse any formatting errors as this editor is a giant pile of S. Game Highlights can be found here. Post-Game Interview with Stephen can be found here.

Aztecs 5 Runs on 7 hits and 2 errors

Wolfpack 2 Runs on 6 hits and 1 error.

WP: Stephen Strasburg (2-0)

LP: Derek Achelpohl (1-0)

S: Addison Reed (2)


Stephen Strasburg 6.2 IP 26 Batters Faced 1 BB 16 Ks 5 Hits 2 ERs

21.6 K/9 1.35 BB/9 16/1 K/9 0.9 WHIP

Season Stats. (2-0) 12 1/3 IP 3 BBs 27 Ks 8 Hits 2 ERs

19.8 K/9 2.16 BB/9 9.2 K/BB 0.89 WHIP

This was Stephen's second start of the season which resulted in his second win. His ERA over these two start is 1.46. Stephen look sharp through six but seemed to loose some steam in the 7th. Since this is only his second start of the season I wouldn't be too worried about it. He did throw 104 pitches according to my count (give or take a few) which may be a few more than I'd like this early in the season but it's really not that bad at all. He was using his fastball for I'd guess 85% of his pitches most of the game but started relying more on his breaking pitches in the 7th which was what got him in trouble. I'm not sure, but I'm going to guess that he might have run out of gas on the fastball. He had a nine pitch walk in the 7th where the DH Stassi was fouling off a lot of pitches, that to me indicates his velocity might have been down a few MPHs. He was hitting triple digits early. Hitters could not catch up to the fastball. He was throwing hard but only a few that really popped the glove hard and got a reaction from the crowd of around 1200. 16 Ks in 6 2/3. That about 2.4 Ks per inning or 21.6 per 9. 11 swinging, 5 looking.  I'd say the ones looking were on the breaking pitches. Like I said he was living on the fastball most of the night. 1 walk on a tough AB in the 7th. Good for 0.15 BB/Inning or 1.35/Nine. All in All, 16:1 K/BB ratio is sick. He usually doesn't walk anybody though. All together this was not his best outing by his standards. He got deeper into counts than I am used to. He didn't struggle until the 7th however. Take it for what its worth, second outing of the year.

1st- Struck out the side on 12 pitches. Nuff said.

2nd- Gave up a sharp single. He was later picked off. One K looking to end the inning. 8 pitches.

3rd- All three struckout swinging. You can see a hilight of the last K on the video above. 12 pitches.

4th- Struck out the leadoff hitter and last batter swinging. A Corey Vaughn (yes the son of Greg) error in right followed by groundball single had two men on with two outs. Steven struck him out. Threw 20 pitches that inning.

5th- Struck out the side with a single in between. Still using mostly fastballs. 14 pitches.

6th- Uno, Dos, Adios on 16 pitches. Using more pitches per inning now.

7th- This is the inning he struggled to get outs. Ended up only throwing 20 pitches but used 9 on one at bat that resulted in a BB. Got two quick outs on a fly out to right and a K but then had the nine pitch walk. Kid was fouled off 4 or 5 pitches in a row. Losing velocity maybe? Now relying too much on the breaking stuff. Next batter bombs a curveball over the CFs head on an 0-2 pitch. That was the second breaking pitch in a row. First one he looked at. Second one he waited and put a nice swing on the ball. Like I said, it was an 0-2 pitch. Should have gone with the money pitch. One run in. Next batter puts a nice inside swing on the first pitch up the middle. Two runs in. Filter comes out for the second time this inning and yanks him.


Not a bad game. 16 Ks is a lot in 6 2/3. I'd like to see him throw a few less pitches. Mechanics look great. He didn't show any emotion in the 7th when he was in trouble. It is only the second start of the season so take it for what its worth. I went to the best taco shop EVER, Trujillos, on campus after the game. Five or Six players showed up but Stephen obviously wasn't there he had to deal with the press. After the win, the whole team comes out and sings the fight song a cappella with the crowd. Pretty cool. S D S U SDSU AZTECS FIGHT! GO AZTECS!

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