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Spring Training: Game 3 Game Report: Houston Astros 0 Washington Nationals 2. (w/ Comments)


Washington vs Houston live from Space Coast....Game Three Game Thread...Game Notes and Comments...


-- Shawn Hill on the mound for the Washington Nationals, who are throwing out what looks to be a Nick Johnson-less version of their starting lineup...notably, Adam Dunn at first, Lastings Milledge in center, with Josh Willingham in left and Elijah Dukes in right....Hill completes a scoreless first frame...


"i like today's lineup...could see NJ at first w the hammer moving between first and left..." - natslove

"I'm not crazy about Dunn at first...but sounds like he made a nice play on a wide throw already, so, I'll give him a chance..." - e chigliak

-- Aaron Boone starting at first for the Nationals Astros. Wandy Rodriguez on the mound for Houston. Ryan Zimmerman singles up the middle with two down, Dunn walks, but Elijah Dukes gets jammed first pitch swinging to end a scoreless first...


"Gustavo Chacin replaced Hill in 2nd, and is back again...I like(d) Chacin in Toronto…think he’s got any shot of catching on here?" - e chigliak

"good numbers 4 chacin b4 he got hurt in toronto...might stick...looks good today vs houston's speed lineup no boppers..." - natslove

"Astros' lineups not quite the same w/out El Caballo or the Big Puma...(Big Puma = worst nickname in baseball)…Hunter Pence’s close to bopper status, but that’s it…(uh, oh yeah, you too Aaron Boone, yeah we all remember the HR against Boston…)" - e chigliak

"When you make up your own’s not as good...Puma and Macho Harris should be ashamed." - ROSCOEtheNATSfan

-- Jesus Flores hits a two-out double to score Josh Willingham after DY and Belliard failed to bring him in...Cristian Guzman doubles, Flores scores. #85, Lastings Milledge up next, flies out to end it...2-0 Nationals. 


-- Alberto Gonzalez is the name that keeps coming through the radio, as he’s made several outstanding defensive plays, and just started the fifth with a single. Lastings Milledge grounds into a DP to erase Gonzalez.

Comments: (after Nick Johnson enters game for Dunn at first...)

"that's the full clip...just hernandez and we have seen them all..." - natslove

"Haven't heard (Anderson) Hernandez's name much yet? Hear anything about him?(ed. note - "Ref:'s Bill Ladson's article, "Hernandez getting rest early in Spring.")...the name I keeeep hearing, and just did a minute ago, is Alberto “The General” Gonzalez, who just got another rise out of the crowd with his defense…" - e chigliak

"just the long offseason in carib...had great winter season disappeared in post season...that's all." - natslove

-- Nick Johnson at first or Dunn? Both made nice plays defensively today to bring in wide throws? But Johnson’s better defensively? Dunn’s more durable? Nick’s got OBP? So does Dunn? Dunn’s got more power? What will Manny Acta do? 


-- The Nationals have allowed just 2 hits through eight, with Gustavo Chacin (W, 2.0IP, 1 H), Jason Bergmann (2.0IP, 1H), Saul Rivera (1.0IP, 0 H) and Joel Hanrahan (S, 1.0IP, 0 H), with the starter, Shawn Hill (1.0IP, 1 BB) combining on the shutout so far...


-- “WIld” Joel Hanrahan gets his first work of the Spring...gets his first 2 K's, and gets his first save...Nationals win. 2-0 final.



Went with the slow stuff to get the K to end it!!!...1,2,3 the Nationals win!! Combined 2-hit shutout!!! 2-0 final. Nationals 2-1 on the Spring...Do you believe in miracles???" - e chigliak