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Federal An Unofficial Washington Nationals Blog: ReIntroduction and Primer...

"While you others represent, I present my rep."Posdnous (Plug One)

"Let's Go Nats Go!!" - Official Team Cheer

(ed. note - "Before beginning a sort of reintroduction, I just wanted to point all readers, new and old, to the post the SB Nation's Chairman and CEO Jim Bankoff put up the other day entitled, "Welcome Yahoo Users", which explains the recent distribution agreement the SB Nation reached with Yahoo Sports, then the fun starts..."):

Federal Staff Positions and Bios...

MInistry of Peace: e chigliak - (ed. note - "I'm sticking with my original bio...")


About DCDaily: Expos' fan since birth. Raines, Dawson and Carter to blame. Followed to DC. Still waiting for Playoffs. '81 was half a season, and I was 6.

Interests: Marcel Proust, Jack Kerouac, Wong Kar Wai, Alain Resnais, Alan Moore and baseball.

My old photo gallery...

Ministry of Truth: Records Department (Editor): Winston Smith


(ed. note - "Winston Smith: No bio available...")

Ministry of Plenty: DoghouseW.A.R. Effort



Doghouse is an escaped physicist who compulsively posts half-understood statistics and attempts to see the bright side of every Nats-related situation.  He is seriously worried about Screech's grimy condition, and is not at all rational about the possibility of Nick Johnson being injured.  If encountered in the wild, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REASON WITH HIM.  Instead, apply beer until the subject agrees that Ronnie Belliard may have lost a step since his All Star season.  Under no circumstances ask him about the time he spent "coaching" Alfonso Soriano from his CF seats in RFK during the 2006 season.

Ministry of Plenty: Nationals News Network



In addition to his duties with Federal Baseball, Dave Nichols is the proprietor of  Nationals News Network and Capitals News Network, an official "Hockey Friendly Blog" to the Washington Capitals.  He covers the Washington Nationals and Washington Capitals for DC Sports and is a contributing columnist for Bleacher Report.comEarly in his career he spent four years in radio, working for the Baltimore Orioles, Washington Redskins and University of Maryland radio networks.  He prefers to take a constructive, critical look at the dealings of the teams he covers, which sometimes leaves him as the voice of doom and gloom.  You can reach Dave directly at

Ministry of Plenty: Scout



(My Brother, Braves' Fan and Source For All Things Baseball) 

(ed. note - "You may have noticed the first post of what I hope will be many from sdsuaztec4, who lives in San Diego and has the "Strasburg Package", and so has offered to cover the projected #1 pick in the '09 Draft, and future Nationals' Ace?, San Diego State University starter Stephen Strasburg. If the first post is any indication, sdsuaztec will be providing the best coverage of Strasburg's starts in the blogosphere...Why not one more time with this video?")...

Badge_-_potomac_medium  Badge_-_hagerstown_medium   Badge_-_lake_monster_2_medium Badge_-_harrisburg__medium (another ed. note - Coming Soon...I reached out to all the Nationals' minor league affiliates, asking if anyone at any level of their respective organizations would like to contribute weekly/bi-weekly posts about the goings-on down on the farm, and so far I've received positive responses from four of the five, expressing interest in keeping you, the readers, up-to-date on every level of the DC system. (ed. note in an ed. note - "C'mon Syracuse?"))

(ed. note - "For Any New Visitors To or any of the other blogs in the SB Nation...These are the best tutorials I've found for navigating the comments, FANPOSTS, FANSHOTS, and just about everything else you could hope to know about the ridiculous platform the SB Nation's crack tech team has devised to make the bloggers look good...and I was going to make my own tutorials, but these embarrassed mine...totally was...")

Slyde at Red Reporter (SBN's Cincy Reds blog) put together a post entitled, "RR Tech Tips: Enhancing Your Reading Experience", which offers particularly good information about navigating the sites.

The Cheat at South Side Sox (SBN's CWS blog)
 posted a guide entitled, "Make South Side Sox Better: A Guide To Better Posting" which has info on FANPOSTS, FANSHOTS, Tagging, Headline Writing, etc.

Nationals Blogs We Dig, Other Than Our Own...(in no particular order).


Fire Jim Bowden 

Nationals Farm Authority

We've Got Heart 

Bad Nats - (ed. note - "Doghouse once swore this was the best Nationals blog on the intertubes...I'm paraphrasing, of course. We eagerly await their next post...")

Bally's Blog 


Nationals Journal 

Chatter- (now with more posts)

FEDERALBASEBALL.COM GLOSSARY (ed. note - "So some of this makes sense...")

1 - Player Names, Nicknames, (Explanations): (In Alphabetical Order) (ed. note - "Trust me, these make a lot more sense if you follow the Gamethreads...")

- Luis Atilano - Nickname Pending (let's wait and see if he makes the Opening Day roster).

- Collin Balester -  Bally, Ballystar, Battlestar.

- Ronnie Belliard - Ronnie B., Belli, Belli-YARD(upon homering), "Old Drop and Throw" (because he drops every grounder then throws to first)

- Roger Bernadina - Bernie? I got nothing...

- Jason Bergmann - Neptune NJ's Finest, Rutgers' Finest, The Bergmann of Alcatraz, "Not A Fly Ball Pitcher." (At least Bergmann doesn't think so.)

- Daniel Cabrera - The Project, DC's Own DC Daniel Cabrera, The Closer In Training.

- Kory Casto - Kasto, Casto!!(clapclap) Casto!!(clapclap)

- Matt Chico - Slowhand...

- Elijah DukesElijah "Super" Dukes, SooperDukes

- Adam Dunn - The Big Donkey, Dunn-K, The Bigger Wilkerson, or Big Wilky for short.

- Jesus Flores - The Jesus, WWJD?

- Alberto Gonzalez - The General

- Cristian Guzman  - The Guzzzzz

- Joel Hanrahan - "Wild" Joel Hanrahan

- Willie Harris - Thrillie Harris, WILLIE HARRIS WANTS TO PLAY!!, (Doghouse says, "TAWH = The Amazing Willie Harris, a magical force capable of playing any position and fielding any batted ball.")

- Anderson Hernandez - A-Hands, Acta's Favorite Infielder

- Shawn Hill - "The Oft-Injured Shawn Hill", Hill on the Mound, The Pride Of Mississauga, Ontario.

 - Nick Johnson - Nicky J., Babe Ruth the 3rd, Nick Nick, Johnson Johnson, The Semi-Mythical Healthy Nick Johnson, Nick "When Healthy" Johnson, Trade Bait.

- Austin Kearns - AK, Kearnsie, Bluegrass, Mr. Kentucky, Bowden's Favorite Outfielder, Doghouse's Favorite.

- John Lannan - John "Cool Hand" Lannan, "Ace"

- Lastings Milledge - Lasto, L-Millz, "Deep Center" Milledge

- Garrett Mock - MOCK'd (as in, "You just got...")

- Scott Olsen - Nickname Pending

- Wily Mo Pena - WMP, WMPe, Bender©

- Saul Rivera - Saul "Sa-ool" Rivera, Sa-Oool!!, The Hardest Working Reliever in Baseball

- Steven Shell - Nickname Pending

- Ryan Zimmerman - THE KIDS CALL HIM ZIM!! THE KIDS CALL HIM ZIM!!©, Zim(n), The Face of the Franchise©, The Nationals' #1 Pick in '05, The Best Defensive 3rd Baseman in Baseball. (ed. note - "Don't ever talk bad about Zimmerman, seriously...")

Addendum...(Nats News Network adds to the Nickname Madness...)

some nicknames i've used in the past...

—Wee Willie Harris
—The Man With Two Last Names (Anderson Hernandez)
—"Oh Danny Boy" Cabrera or "The Enigma"
—Scott Olsen is either "Alien" or "Peanut-Head"
—and when we’re referring to our two Zimmerman(n)’s, i think we should make a pact to refer to the 3B as Zim and the pitcher as Zimm (altho i realize the pitcher has two "n"s and one "m", i just think it’s funny and a way to distinguish them)
—Blastings Thrilledge
—William Moses Pena the Third
—Jesus Colome is the "The Other Jesus" or "The Second Coming" or "Slow", as in "Slow" Jesus Colome
—Wil "Prettyboy" Nieves


The Plan - The 5? Year Plan For Rebuilding The Franchise From The Bottom Up. (ed. note - "No one really knows when The Plan started...The Nationals have always been at war with the Hated Mets.")

The Hated Mets - (ed. note - "That's what me and Stan Kasten call them...though I don't know Mr. Kasten...I just read that he did, uh, call them, that, and I always have...Uh, ok.")

NatsTown©Dave from Nats News Network explains...

The W.A.R. Effort - Check Out One Of Doghouse's Latest posts and SEE...

(ed. note - "Where I (e chigliak) comment on my own commentary.")

The DC Closer Tradition = Making It Interesting.

OPS+ = A stat that compares a batter's overall ability (on-base plus slugging) to league average.  100 is exactly league average, greater than 100 is better, and less than 100 is worse.


ERA+ = Just like OPS+, except for pitchers.


Oh, and this is what you'll see every time the Washington Nationals sweep some poor MLB opponent...

White_house_sweep_mediumThat's, uh, just about it...

?'s For The DC Faithful...

(ed. note - "Did you actually read this far? Thanks. If there are any questions, my email is on the masthead at the bottom of the page, or there's this thing called the Comments Section, where comments can be left...and I love answering questions, and there was no sarcasm in that last statement...")