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At Least The Caps Won!!! Washington Nationals Drop 7-1 Game To Homer Happy Philadelphia Phillies.

What's A Nationals' Fan To Do? 

I've tried to remain positive, perhaps at times naively, thinking they might win, or at least, not going into every game thinking that the Washington Nationals would lose, but after the DC franchise dropped game No. 117 of the last 180 tonight to the Philadelphia Phillies...7-1 in Citizens Bank Park, leaving Washington 4-15...What are we as fans supposed to think..."Wow, Adam Dunn sure hit one sweet home run tonight?"

Adam Dunn did hit a HUGE HR...Alright. He hit a monster shot to right where someone who should have never reasonably expected it, got a souvenir in the gut. Dunn's 6th HR of the season came in the 6th inning off Philly reliever Chad Durbin to make it 6-1 Phillies, an inning after Washington failed to cash in on a two-on, one-out opportunity when they were down, 5-0, even as Cole Hamels (unfortunately) exited the game early with an ankle injury after having dominated DC all evening...Chad Durbin comes on for Hamels with runners on first and second in the fifth and Ronnie Belliard at the plate with one down, and Durbin gets Belliard to fly out to right with Alberto Gonzalez advancing from second to third...and then Durbin gets a line drive out of Nick "Two-Spot" Johnson right to Shane Victorino. Still 5-0 Philly...until...

John "Cool Hand" Lannan serves up the third home run he allows tonight, the second to Chase Utley, whose hand, you'll remember, Lannan broke here in Philly in his '06 MLB debut. 6-0 Philly after five. Then Dunn HOMERS!! 6-1 Philly. Utley hits two HR's, drives in 3. Pedro Feliz tags Lannan, and Raul Ibanez makes Saul Rivera's season a little worse with a solo shot to start the eighth, and put Philly up 7-1..."But Dunn hit that Home Run!!!"

Phillies win, 7-1 final.

For The Truest Completists, Full Game Report After The Jump...

Nationals now 4-15.


Washington Nationals at  Philadelphia Phillies. Game 19 of 162. 


Cole Hamels unloads a 1-2 change inside that slides in under Ronnie Belliard’s bat. Nick “Two-Spot” Johnson pops the first pitch out to right. Ryan Zimmerman pushes a high outside fastball to the wall right of center and just beats Shane Victorino’s throw in to second. Adam Dunn’s swinging on a 3-0 pitch, and he grounds out to first...Ryan Zimmerman’s playing in, in case Jimmy Rollins tries to bunt, but he gets a grounder right at him and throws Rollins out. Shane Victorino grounds to Nick Johnson’s backhand at first for the second out. Chase Utley finds open grass in left center for a two-out single. Ryan Howards chops down on a fastball and it rolls slowly to first to end the inning. 


Elijah Dukes gets jammed and pops out to Ryan Howard a few steps into the right field grass. Austin Kearns walks on four pitches and Jesus Flores swings at the next one, Pedro Feliz to Ultey to Howard, double play...Jayson Werth grounds to Ronnie Belliard at second. Austin Kearns comes running in to catch Raul Ibanez’s flyout. Pedro Feliz goes to right with a short fly for a single. Chris Coste splits Lannan’s wickets with a single up the middle. Hamels bats, and grounds to Alberto Gonzalez who tosses to second...


Alberto Gonzalez lifts a single over third. John Lannan bunts too hard, and the Phillies take the force at second, but Rollins drops the exchange. Ronnie Belliard lines right at Shane Victorino in dead center. Nick Johnson takes a two-strike change on the outside corner...Jimmy Rollins grounds out to a pulled in Zimmerman. Shane Victorino punches a change over the heart to left field. Lannan hangs a curve out over the plate and Chase Utley lifts it to left and GONE! Two-run blast. 2-0 Philly. Ryan Howard grounds out to Belliard. Alberto Gonzalez makes an ill-advised throw from deep in the hole at short, and it sails over first, Jayson Werth’s on. Lannan walks Raul Ibanez in front of Feliz. Pedro Feliz puts one twenty rows back in left, 3-run blast, 5-0 Phillies. 


Ryan Zimmerman pops out to second. Adam Dunn works a one-out walk in front of Elijah Dukes. Dukes K’s swing over an 0-2 change. Austin Kearns pops out to Chase Utley behind second...Lannan gets Hamels looking. Jimmy Rollins K’s swinging over a 72 mph bender. Shane Victorino grounds sharply to third, Zimmerman throws off his back foot, and bounces the throw, VIctorino safe at first. Lannan picks Victorino off, and he runs for second, Nick Johnson guns him. 5-0 Philly after three. 


Jesus Flores gets a 1-2 change over the middle and is waaay out in front. Alberto Gonzalez soars a liner over Utley at short. John Lannan bunts too hard again, Cole Hamels, turns his ankle as he tries to field it, leaves games after one practice pitch from the mound, tossing the ball toward the Philly Skipper in disgust. Chad Durbin on in relief. Ronnie Belliard flies out to right. Nick Johnson pops out to center, 5-0 Philly in the fifth...John Lannan hangs a 3-1 pitch inside, and Chase Utley puts it into the second deck in right center. 6-0 Philly. Jayson Werth skies one to Dukes in center. Raul Ibanez rips one under Lannan’s feet and into center for a single. Pedro Feliz grounds to third, Zimmerman takes the force at second. 


Ryan Zimmerman swings over a sinking 2-2 fastball. Adam Dunn hits the second deck with a HUGE solo shot to right, the fans throw it back, but it counts, 6-1 Phillies. Pedro Feliz gets to a broken-bat grounder from Dukes and throws him out. Austin Kearns flies out to center...Jason Bergmann gets a ground ball to third from Chris Coste. Jason Bergmann dispatches with Chad Durbin with three pitches. Jimmy Rollins gets a hit, singling to right. Jimmy Rollins is running and Jesus Flores flubs the throw. Shane Victorino skies one to right, Kearns catches it. 6-1 Philly after six.


Jesus Flores pops out to Howard foul of first. Alberto Gonzalez pops to Howard in fair territory. 0-2 change from Durbin, Alex Cintron K’s his way off the roster...Chase Utley grounds into the dramatic shift. Saul Rivera busts Ryan Howard inside with a breaking ball to get the big man swinging. Rivera hits the outside corner with a slider to Werth and gets the inning-ending K. 


Ronnie Belliard grounds to third, Pedro Feliz whips one over to first. Nick Johnson lines to Chase Utley, who takes a knee to make the grab. Ryan Zimmerman grounds to short...Saul Rivera gives up a leadoff HR to Raul Ibanez, and the Nationals are down 7-1 in the eighth. Ryan Zimmerman throws out Pedro Feliz. Chris Coste grounds out to the General at short. Gregg Dobbs buzzes Saul Rivera, but Alberto Gonzalez is perfectly positioned to make the grab.


Adam Dunn drives a single through short to leadoff the ninth. Elijah Dukes vs Clay Condrey. Dukes grounds to third, and Dunn’s forced out at second, Dukes safe at first. Kearns flies out to Werth in right. Jesus Flores grounds out to Feliz at third to end it. Phillies win, 7-1 final. 


Nationals now 4-15.