Some Optimism about the Nats at this dark time

All data borrowed from From Fangraphs

1. NATS have a team  wOBA of .350 which is 9th overall and 3rd in the NL! 

So we can hit!

wOBA is a measure of overall offense that includes as much stuff as possible.

2.  Last season (2008) the Rangers had the highest wOBA of any team in baseball at .355.  The following NATS with at least 30 at bats are currently higher than .355 in wOBA.  Guzman, Dunn, Kearns, Johnson, Dukes, Zimmerman, and Flores.  In other words,  SS, LF, CF, RF, 1B, 3B, and Catcher.  Only secondbase is missing! 

Most guys are hitting!  Only one real hole once Guzz returns.   (Granted its a big hole)

3.  The following pitchers have positive "value wins" at this moment:  Zimmermann, Tavarez, Olsen, Biemel, Lannan, Cabrera, Martis.  Granted all are small positive values, but the season is very young.  most positive note: the entire rotation is listed!!!   even Cabrera

We lack stars, but  not quality starters. (Strassburg and Battlestar are on the way!!!)  Imagine our rotation for 2010-2011!

4. The following pitchers are the only ones with Negative "Value Wins" right now: Saoool 'overused till he broke" Rivera, Hinckley, Han ra Han "them another blown save".  All three have fairly negative values considering how young the year.  Feel free to blame all three for ruining this season so far as all other pitchers are Zero win share guys for the season. 

So only three bullpen pitchers are really hurting us!

5. the following are playing outstanding defense:  Ryan Zimmerman 3b UZR/150 of  27.1!  Willingham in lf 12.9!   Guzman ss is better than expected at +2.0.  That is it for the plus defenders with more than a small number of innings at a position, (Although Nick is only -1.9 at first which is very close to the average of zero). 

Ok our defense has few bright spots, and many real dark spots, but as a team we are better than the Orioles, Angels, Indians, and Cardinals so far.  So we are not the worst team!!  Imagine if we could catch how good our starters would be at this point!

There you go SOME BRIGHTS SPOTS on the NATS

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