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The Washington Nationals Find A New Way To Lose. St. Louis Cardinals 9 Washington Nationals 4.

9 Runs, 8 Hits, 11 Walks, 4 Wild Pitches and 1 Balk...

Washington Nationals' starter Daniel Cabrera may have pitched his way out of the DC starting rotation tonight, while at the same time showing everyone exactly why pitching coaches have drooled over him since the first time a scout saw him throw what I guarantee was a wild pitch, but probably a 98 mph wild one...

Cabrera looks at first like he won't even get out of the opening frame, as he issues a one-out walk to Cards' right fielder Colby Rasmus and then throws fastballs everywhere but over the plate to Albert Pujols, (including one behind Pujols' back)before delivering a belt-high, 91 mph, 3-1-four-seamer to the reigning NL MVP, who sends it out to left-center for a two-run blast and an early 2-0 Cardinals' lead. 

The Cards threw right-hander Mitchell Boggs, who got the first out of the Nationals' first before giving up one in a long line of singles Nick Johnson has hit recently to bring up the Face of The Franchise©, The Nationals' third baseman, the one, the only, Ryan Zimmer--THE KIDS CALL ZIM!! THE KIDS CALL HIM ZIM!!! Two-run HR to deep center field and GONE!! Ryan Zimmerman ties it with one swing, and gives Daniel Cabrera something to build on...

And what did Daniel Cabrera do? Actually, Cabrera issued a leadoff walk in the second before retiring three-straight, gave up another walk and a single in a scoreless third and then pitched a quick 1-2-3-4th, before a leadoff double, wild pitch and a sac fly in the fifth put the Cardinals up by one at 3-2 St. Cabrera even comes back for the sixth and once again retires the Cardinals in order, exiting for a pinch hitter in the seventh, having completed 6.0 IP, in which he allowed 4 hits, 3 ER and 5 walks, while striking out 2...even leaving with the lead???

That's right! The Nationals strike again in the sixth when Austin "Mr. Kentucky" Kearns takes a 91 mph fastball from Mitchell Boggs on the hip, and then scores from first when Jesus "Clutchy" Flores triples over Rick Ankiel's head in center, which isn't an easy thing to do. 3-3 ballgame. Anderson "Elvis" Hernandez...doubles to right, Jesus Flores scores, 4-3 Nationals...That lead lasts a whole half-an-inning...

The New New  DC Bullpen...

DC lefty Mike Hinckley's brought on in the seventh, and he gets a ground ball from Skip Schumaker for the first out of the frame, before walking the second batter he faces, Ryan Ludwick. The newest Nationals' reliever Logan Kensing comes on next, and gives up a single to Pujols, a walk to Chris Duncan, (which loads the bases) and a sac fly to Rick Ankiel that scores Ludwick (the 1st walk) from third for a 4-4 game after seven. No score in the eighth, so the Nationals bring on Julian "SG" Tavarez...

...Tavarez gets a ground ball from Pujols and poses on the mound, showing Ryan Zimmerman the way to throw to first, (actually pointing it out...?)...BB, RBI Double by Rick Ankiel, 5-4 Cards...Tavarez continues...BB, HBP, and then a 2-RBI single -- Bases Loaded, St. Louis' rookie Tyler Greene, who rolls a weak grounder toward third, Ryan Zimmerman misses the barehand stab, Rick Ankiel scores from third, 6-4 Cards, Cristian Guzman's backing up Zimmerman, Joe Thurston heads home too, Guzman picks it up and fires home, in tim--Jesus Flores drops it, 7-4 CardsJoel Hanrahan comes on for Tavarez, and gives up a sac fly, 9-4 Cardinals, and one more single before finally ending the Cardinals' ninth...Julian Tavarez's line...(L, 0-2), 0.1 IP, 2 H, 5 R, 2 ER, 4.50 ERA, 24 pitches, 12 strikes...Who's Next In Line As The Closer?

Cards win9-4 final.

For The Completists, Full Game Report After The Jump...

Nationals now 5-16. 

St. Louis Cardinals at Washington Nationals. Game 21 of 162. 

Ryan Zimmerman barehands and throws to the foul side of first, but Nick Johnson steps across the bag to make the grab to get Skip Schumaker for the first out of the evening. Colby Rasmus walks on four pitches in front of Albert Pujols who gets a fastball behind his back to start the AB, Rasmus takes second. Daniel Cabrera bounces a fastball off Jesus Flores’ shinguard and Rasmus takes third. Cabrera throws fastball over the middle and Pujols puts it out to left center for a two-run blast. 2-0 Cardinals. Cabrera walks Chris Duncan. Rick Ankiel flies out to Elijah Dukes in center, and Cabrera gets a groundout from Cards’ third baseman Joe Thurston...Mitchell Boggs throws a curve inside to get Cristian Guzman swinging for the first out. Nick “Two-Spot” Johnson goes to left with a trademark line drive single. Ryan Zimmerm...THE KIDS CALL HIM ZIM!! THE KIDS CALL HIM ZIM!!! Two-run HR to the right of center to tie it at 2-2. Boggs gets his second K with a sinking fastball outside. Elijah Dukes chases a fastball out of the zone for strike three. 


Cabrera walks Cards’ catcher Jason LaRue to start the second. Tyler Greene, Cards’ shortstop is up, LaRue takes second on a wild pitch. Greene stares a 2-2 curve all the way in for strike three. Mitchell Boggs flies to Dukes in center. Skip Schumaker rolls the third out to Nick Johnson at first...Austin Kearns pops out to Pujols foul of first. Jesus Flores lifts one over short for a one-out single. Anderson Hernandez hustles to first to beat out his own DP grounder, Flores forced at second. Daniel Cabrera takes a full count fastball for a called K. 


Colby Rasmus backs Elijah Dukes up to the out-of-town scoreboard where he catches the first out of the third. Cabrera walks Pujols this time. Pujols embarrasses Cabrera by stealing second without a look. Cristian Guzman tracks back to the outfield grass to catch Chris Duncan’s pop fly. Daniel Cabrera reaches out and has a grounder from Rick Ankiel bounce off his wrist. Joe Thurston flies out to left...Guzman grounds back to the mound to start the home half of the third. Skip Schumaker jumps on a grounder from Nick Johnson and recovers in time to throw Johnson out. Mitchell Boggs gets Zimmerman swinging to end the third.


Jason LaRue throws his bat at strike three and makes contact, grounding out to second. Tyler Greene grounds out to third. Cabrera gets the opposing pitcher looking...Adam Dunn walks to start the DC fourth, bringing up Elijah Dukes. Dukes grounds into a force at second. Dukes gets picked off leaning toward second and tagged sliding in. Austin Kearns takes a two-out walk. Jesus Flores is way out in front of a slider, and he K’s swinging. 


Skip Schumaker sneaks a single by Nick Johnson at first and takes second as it rolls out to Kearns. Another wild pitch by Cabrera moves Schumaker to third. Colby Rasmus lines out to Dukes, but not even his arm’s gonna get Schumaker, 3-2 St. Lou. Albert Pujols reaches for a fastball outside, and flies out to center. Chris Duncan singles on a line drive to Dukes. Cabrera walks Ankiel, who totally understands. Joe Thurston grounds to first, Johnson tosses to Cabrera covering... Anderson Hernandez starts the fifth against Boggs, and K’s after tipping strike three into LaRue’s glove. Daniel Cabrera takes a fastball off the jersey and takes first. Cristian Guzman grounds to first, Pujols throws to second, but the throw back is late, Guzman safe. Nick Johnson lifts another trademark single to left. Colby Rasmus has his back to the wall in right when he catches Zimmerman's fly ball out.


Jason LaRue grounds the first pitch out to short. Tyler Greene pops up behind second. Daniel Cabrera gets a fly ball from Boggs and Dukes makes the catch...Mitchell Boggs throws a 3-2 heater by Adam Dunn. Dukes K’s swinging at junk. Austin Kearns takes a heater in the hip, and walks home when Jesus Flores triples over Rick Ankiel’s head in center for a 3-3 game. Anderson Hernandez lines over first and fair, Flores scores from second, 4-3 DC. Willie Harris grounds to Pujols to end the sixth. 


Mike Hinckley takes over for Washington in the seventh. Skip Schumaker grounds out to start the frame. Mike Hinckley walks pinch hitter Ryan Ludwick in front of Pujols and Logan Kensing’s called upon for an impossible mission. Kensing saws off Pujols, who powers a single into left. Chris Duncan takes a four-pitch walk to load the bases for Rick Ankiel. Ankiel flies to right, Kearns makes the catch, Ludwick scores to tie it at 4-4. Joe Thurston flies out to right, tied after six and a half...Blaine Boyer on for the Cards. Cristian Guzman grounds out to Schumaker at second. Nick “Two-Spot” Johnson grounds to Pujols at first. Boyer hits the outside corner with a two-strike fastball to get Zimmerman looking to end the seventh. 


Kip Wells gets a groundout with the first pitch to Jason LaRue. Tyler Greene grounds out to Guzman at short. Khalil Greene with the pinch hit chance, works the count and then takes a fastball a little too far inside, take your base. Wells walks Skip Schumaker, and then a wild pitch with Ryan Ludwick up, advances both runners. Wells gets a groundout to short to end the St. Louis' eighth...Dunn gets called out looking. Cards’ reliever Chris Perez on to face Dukes. Dukes uses his Discerning Eye to draw a walk. Austin Kearns grounds out, Dukes is running, safe at second. Jesus Flores K’s chasing junk. 

Albert Pujols grounds Julian Tavarez’s first pitch to Zimmerman at third. Chris Duncan takes a one-out walk, Chris Duncan rips a double down the line in left, Dunn can’t get it, Duncan scores, 5-4 Cards. Joe Thurston works a walk off of Tavarez. Tavarez hits Jason LaRue. Ryan Zimmerman tries to barehand a grounder from Tyler Greene, but he misses, one run crosses, Joe Thurston runs for home, the throw beats him, but Jesus Flores drops it...two score, 7-4 Cards. Joel Hanrahan on, and he balks a run in, 8-4 Cards. Tyler Greene to second on the balk, then steals third successfully. Fly ball to right from Brian Barten and Greene scores from third. 9-4 St. Lou. Skip Schumaker reaches first on an infield single. Ryan Ludwick flies out to left, Dunn gets this one...P.J. Walters comes on to mercifully end it. Anderson Hernandez works a two-out walk. Alex Cintron comes on to hit for Hanrahan, and flies out for the first out of the DC ninth. Cristian Guzman flies out to Ryan Ludwick in right. Nick Johnson ground out to first. Cards win. 9-4 final. 

Nationals now 5-16.