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GameThread: Washington Nationals at Florida Marlins - Game 2 of 162.

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Washington Nationals
@ Florida Marlins

Tuesday, Apr 7, 2009, 7:10 PM EDT
Dolphin Stadium

Scott Olsen vs Josh Johnson

Partly cloudy. Game time temperature around 70.

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Game 2 of 162. Washington @ Florida...

DC Starting Lineup...(courtesy of's Bill Ladson's blog post entitled, "Tuesday's Starting Lineup Against Marlins".)

  1. Leadoff Lasto - CF
  2. The Guzzzz - SS
  5. Nick Nick Johnson Johnson - 1B
  6. AK - RF
  7. Ronnie B. - 2B
  8. WWJD - C
  9. Olsen - SP
• Just read about this in a post at the Nationals News Network by Dave Nichols entitled, "Kasten Takes Out Ad on Philly Sports Talk Radio", which links to Dan Steinberg's D.C. Sports Bog post entitled, "Stan Kasten sings hymn to Philly Fans", and couldn't believe what I was reading...Yes, Stan Kasten is inviting the Phillies into Nationals Park...You don't invite them into your house...Didn't "The Coreys" teach you anything...(Read if for yourself, and I'll be back in a few...)

Opening Day...What "They're" Saying:

Adam Dunn in Washington Post writer Thomas Boswell's column entitled, "A Veteran Voice Emerges":
"You never want to lost, but if you're going to, I'm glad it was like that...Everybody will get their focus back. You'll see a different team tomorrow."
Emilio Bonifacio in an article by Miami Herald writer Clark Spencer entitled, "Florida Marlins' Bonifacio steals the show in Opening Day victory":
"It couldn't have been a better day for me. The crowd was great. I felt like I've found a home."

Who's Watching The Nationals??