Milledge Breaks Finger in Syracuse

According to the Washington Post, Milledge broke the ring finger on his right hand attempting to bunt in the first inning of Monday's game against the Indianapolis Indians.  He'd actually finally shown some life the past couple of days, coming off of consecutive multi-hit games.  Milledge was 5-for-10 over the weekend with a double and a pair of stolen bases. 

Still, Milledge has yet to hit his first home run on the year (covering both the majors and AAA), and even the two game mini-streak had Milledge batting just .253/.277/.316 with a pretty dreadful 3:16 walk to strikeout ratio in 79 at bats for the Chiefs.   He's even recently become the butt of a joke by fans of one of those large market teams. 

It's unknown how long Milledge will be out.  In fact, Mike Rizzo isn't even sure whether or not it will require a trip to the disabled list.  It's definitely a huge setback for the Nats' opening day leadoff man in his attempts to work his way back onto the roster, though.

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