Getting Over-Dunn

As a Reds fan and long-time Roto player, I have always found Adam Dunn to be an intriguing player.  He is the only guy in the Game that can pretty much be reliably marked down for 40 dingers per year.  So he could have run for Mayor of Cincinnati, right?

No way.  You see, he is also the only player that can be relied upon to hit 40 HR and drive in fewer than 100 runs, which is no easy feat.  He is a great mistake hitter who only hits bad pitching, but the high-profile hurlers are going to get the better of him most of the time.  And here’s another thing . . . He doesn’t hit in the clutch or even with men on base.  Most of his homers are solo jobs.  And he doesn’t like playing first base.  And when he does play first, he doesn’t hit.  At least he’s an above-average fantasy player, especially if you measure OPS instead of batting average.

The preceding paragraph does not represent my take.  They represent comments that have been uttered frequently by Reds and roto fans alike throughout the past 4-5 years or so.  The intent of this post is to dive into Dunn’s numbers and pronounce the above statements to be either myth or fact . . . and to try to determine what kind of player the Nationals’ fans can expect . . .



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