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Washington Nationals' '07 1st Round Pick Ross Detwiler To Make 1st Major League Start Tonight: What "They're" Saying...

(ed. note - "I returned home from a weekend in Washington, DC late last night and about halfway through tonight's GameThread (at around 2:30 am, ugh!), the power went out for no particular reason and didn't return for another hour and a half, so while I work on a preview of Ross Detwiler's first start for the Nationals, which will go up later this afternoon, I thought I'd turn to the power of the DC Faithful...Post anything you read here in the Comments section, or email Federal at the address in my profile and we'll add updates to the FEDERAL BASEBALL.COM TWITTERFEED throughout the day as I work to get the GameThread ready...What are "they" saying about Ross Detwiler's debut?")