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Bases Loaded Wild Pitch Leads To Washington's 7th Straight Loss, Pirates 2 Nationals 1.


Lannan Does All He Can...

Pirates' third baseman Andy LaRoche hit a two-out single in the fourth and then scored when Jack Wilson doubled to left off Nationals' lefty John Lannan to make it 1-0 Pittsburgh after four, but the Nationals tied it in the bottom of the fifth when Cristian Guzman tripled and scored on Nick Johnson's single. Lannan pitched 7.0 innings and gave up just the 1 run on 7 hits and 2 walks with 5 K's collected when he was pulled for lefty Ron Villone, who worked a scoreless top of the eighth...

Hanrahan Again...

For the ninth, Nationals' Manager Manny Acta called on "Wild" Joel Hanrahan. A 1-2 pitch to pinch hitter Delwyn Young lands in front of Adam Dunn in left. Nyjer Morgan's trying to bunt, but can't and ends up lining to right on a 1-2 slider in on the fists. Freddy Sanchez  gets his bat on a 95 mph fastball and singles in front of Pirates' center fielder Nate McLouth, who singles on a 1-1 slider over the middle of the plate. Bases loaded. Pinch hitter Brandon Moss grounds a full-count pitch to first, Nick Johnson throws home for the force. Two down. Bases loaded for Adam LaRoche, Hanrahan throws a slider in the dirt, and it gets by the Nationals' catcher Wil Nieves, Freddy Sanchez scores from third. 2-1 Pirates. Hanrahan issues another walk before ending the Pittsburgh ninth. Matt Capps comes on for Pittsburgh in the Nationals' ninth and earns a save in the 2-1 win.

Hanrahan's Line:

Hanrahan, Joel - (L, 0-2) - 1.0 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 6.87 ERA.

Fun With Adam Dunn...(ed. note - "Just in case you don't read the game report..."):

Andy LaRoche hits a two-out single to right. Jack Wilson lines to left and Adam Dunn gets shortwalled, as the liner hits off the stands which stick out halfway to the corner in foul territory, LaRoche rounds third, and Dunn throws some odd rushed sidearm flip which is awful, and so is the relay attempt, LaRoche scores, 1-0 Pirates.

Ahhh...That was fun.

Pirates win, 2-1 Final. 

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For The Completists, Full Game Report After The Jump...

Nationals now 11-28.

Pittsburgh Pirates at Washington Nationals. Game 39 or 40 of 162. 

John Lannan throws an 89 mph 1-2 fastball by Nyjer Morgan for the first out of the game. Freddy Sanchez sends a line drive to right center for a one-out single. A one-out walk to Nate McLouth puts two on in front of Craig Monroe, who pops out to Nick Johnson at first. Lannan drops a two-strike slider away from Adam LaRoche and gets a swinging K to end the first...Cristian Guzman pops out to Nate McLouth. Nick Johnson has a Discerning Eye, and he uses it to draw a one-out walk from Pirates’ starter Paul Maholm. Ryan Zimmerman lines a fastball inside to right where Craig Monroe catches it. Maholm gets Adam Dunn swinging over a two-strike curve. 


Ryan Zimmerman has a grounder from Robinzon Diaz jump into his gut, and he picks up and throws off line and late. Justin Maxwell makes the catch on a long fly ball to center from Andy LaRoche. Jack Wilson’s swinging bunt drops in front of Wil Nieves who’s out of the crouch and firing to first for the second out. Lannan’s throws some cruel curves to Maholm for a swinging K...Austin Kearns lines toward the out-of-town scoreboard for a leadoff single. Ronnie Belliard K’s swinging, failing to advances Kearns into scoring position. Justin Maxwell walks in front of Wil Nieves. Andy LaRoche charges in on Nieves’ grounder and throws to first in time. Lannan gets the same curves he threw and K’s.


Nyjer Morgan rips a liner over Kearns’ head in right. Freddy Sanchez’s bunt puts Morgan on third. Nate McLouth grounds to first, Nick Johnson bobbles it and takes out McLouth, Morgan stays at third. Lannan gets a fly ball to right from Craig Monroe, Kearns catches it coming in...Cristian Guzman chops one to third that avoids Andy LaRoche’s glove. Nick Johnson gets a two-strike curve he’s not expecting. Ryan Zimmerman’s a step ahead of Freddy Sanchez’s throw from his back. Instead of pitching around Dunn, Maholm throws a full-count fastball right by him. Kearns grounds out to end the threat. 


Adam LaRoche hits a soft line drive to short for the first out of the fourth. Robinzon Diaz grounds to Belliard. Andy LaRoche hits a two-out single to right. Jack Wilson lines to left and Adam Dunn gets shortwalled, LaRoche rounds third, and the throw in from Dunn is awful and so is the relay attempt, 1-0 Pirates. Lannan strikes out Maholm...Ronnie Belliard lines right to Nyjer Morgan in right. Justin Maxwell makes Freddy Sanchez defend himself with a liner for the second out. Wil Nieves grounds to Jack Wilson at short to end the fourth. 


Nyjer Morgan’s line drive almost confuses Kearns, who recovers to make the catch. Freddy Sanchez flies to right center where Maxwell grabs it. Nate McLouth gets hit on the arm. Craig Monroe rips a grounder off Zimmerman’s arm, for an infield single. Adam LaRoche grounds to second, Belliard throws him out...Lannan down swinging for the first out of the Nationals’ fifth. Cristian Guzman takes a slider to left, and into the corner, Guzman speeds around to third. Nick Johnson waits for an 0-2 change and lifts it over the infield for an RBI single. 1-1 game. Nyjer Morgan is perfectly positioned to catch Ryan Zimmerman’s line drive. Adam Dunn pops out to end the threat. 


Lannan vs Robinzon Diaz to start the sixth. Diaz singles to center. Andy LaRoche beats Belliard with a single to center. Jack Wilson flies to Maxwell, who catches it coming in and hits the cutoff man when Diaz breaks for third, Guzman cuts and nails LaRoche at second!! Double play the easy way!!! Lannan gets Maholm swinging!!...Austin Kearns pops out to McLouth. Ronnie Belliard goes 12 pitches deep to draw a one-out walk. Justin Maxwell pops out behind second. Wil Nieves goes down swinging...


Nyjer Morgan works the count full, and walks to start the seventh. Freddy Sanchez hustles to first to beat out the backend of a DP attempt. Nate McLouth splits Lannan’s wickets with a grounder, Cristian Guzman fields and tosses to Belliard, who barehands and fires to first late. Ryan Zimmerman dives and slides a side arm throw to first for the third out...Jesse Chavez on for Pittsburgh. Anderson Hernandez K’s in a pinch hit appearance. Cristian Guzman sends a fastball skipping over the infield for a single to center. Nick “Two-Spot” Johnson up, a passed ball moves Guzman to second. Nick Johnson gets jammed and pops out to short. Ryan Zimmerman lines right into Nyjer Morgan’s glove. 


Ron Villone gets a fly ball to left center out of Adam LaRoche. Robinzon Diaz swings through a high two-strike fastball. Andy LaRoche shoots a laser over short for a single. Jack Wilson grounds out to Johnson at first, scoreless frame for Villone...Sean Burnett has his cap twisted and he’s back out again tonight. Adam Dunn works a leadoff walk. John Grabow gets a DP grounder from Kearns and a line drive to Nyjer Morgan to end the eighth.


Joel Hanrahan vs Delwyn Young. Young hits a 1-2 pitch to left for a leadoff single. Nyjger Morgan fails at two bunt attempts, and flies out to right. Freddy Sanchez shoots a single under a diving Zimmerman and into left. Another single by Nate McLouth loads the bases for Brandon Moss. Moss grounds to first, Nick Johnson throws home for the force. Two down. 0-2 to Adam LaRoche, 1-2 on a pitch in the dirt, and then throws a wild pitch to let the go-ahead run score. 2-1 Pirates. Hanrahan walks LaRoche to reload the bases. Robinzon Diaz grounds out to second...Willie Harris drops a single down the right field line. Pirates’ reliever Matt Capps gets a DP grounder from Wil Nieves. Two down. Josh Willingham goes deeeep to center...McLouth backs up to the wall and makes the grab. Pirates win. 2-1 final. 


Nationals now 11-28.