Our future looks good to me

When I look at the young starters on the NATs,  I see more depth and talent than I saw on the Braves in 1991 (the year before the last to first swing that started the 14 year streak).  Lannen, Zimmermann, Detwiler, Stammen, and Martis all look like  major league starters with the potential to be stars and have long careers.  And baelster could put his name on that list as well. As a result, I am unsure we need Strassburg to win unless we convert him to a closer (blasphemy I know).

If we could find a legit Closer and setup man in free agency then this team could go very far next season.  Luckily, that is very possible in the offseason (or maybe Cabrera's new found foot placement will change him).  Bull pens are often the easiest part of a team to fix.   Tavares, Biemel, Hanrahan, Bergman, Mock, and Hinckley all have enough talent to be in a major league bullpen, but none seem to have the talent to setup or close.  So if we fill those two glaring holes, then the other guys will fall into place and be decent. Then we will have a good enough bullpen to back up our starting pitching. 

Our other glaring hole is in the middle infield.  We need a photo copy of Ryan Zimmerman who can play either SS or second (or both).  IE a gold glover that can hit.  AH is proving to be better than I expected this season, but I have this nagging doubt that he will return to his 2007 form soon.  Gonzalez is a 'maybe he can learn to catch and throw', with a solid bat, but surely no sure thing.  Bellaird is nearing the end.  Guzman's bat has been a shock so far this season, but the defense is not as good as needed.  I see no one in the minors who stands out.  So I think this team needs to draft or trade for a dominating middle infielder or two. 

I feel, with a legit setupman, closer, and a dominating middle infielder, this team is talented enough to go last to first with or without Strassburg (with NJ).  But obviously strassburg would help.


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