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SHAKE N BAKE!!! SHAKE N BAKE!! Adam Dunn's Grand Slam Beats Baltimore. Nationals 8 Orioles 5.



Adam Dunn takes Orioles' reliever Jamie Walker deep to left and GONE for a Grand Slam in the seventh that wins it for Washington. Nationals avoid the sweep and head to NY with a win...

The Big Donkey's Back!! And Back!!!

After Adam Dunn homered for the 13th time this season in the sixth inning this afternoon to put Washington up 4-3 over Baltimore, DC starter Shairon Martis went back out on the mound and gave up a two-run blast to Adam Jones to give the Orioles back a 5-4 lead. Martis was replaced by Nationals' lefty Ron Vill0.00ne, who walked two but got through the rest of the inning without further damage. 

The Orioles' right-handed reliever Chris Ray gave up back to back singles to start the eighth, and a sac bunt by DC shortstop Cristian Guzman put runners on second and third and gave Baltimore an opportunity to walk Ryan Zimmerman and set up a Lefty vs Lefty matchup between O's lefty Jamie Walker and the Big Walky himself, Adam Dunn, who steps to the plate with the bases loaded...

...Dunn had never faced Walker before, but he brought a .273 AVG with the bases loaded into the at bat, and he raised that average a bit with a long fly ball to left and GONE!! Adam Du--SHAKE N BAKE!! SHAKE N BAKE!! Grand slam to left on a 2-2 pitch low and inside from Walker and out to the opposite field. Adam Dunn gets it don...Well Don...Adam Dunn does it!! Dunn ends the day 2 for 4 with 2 HR's and 6 RBI's, Dunn's AVG is back up to .284, and all of DC is happy that the Nationals managed to win the 2nd of 11 on the homestand.

Smarty Still Undefeated...

Shairon Martis didn't earn his sixth win, but he avoided his first loss thanks to Adam Dunn, who made up for the two-run blast Martis surrendered in the seventh with the go-ahead grand slam in the home half of the inning. Martis threw 89 pitches, 52 for strikes, walked 2, K'd 2 and allowed 5 ER on 7 hits in 6.0 IP. After retiring the O's in order in the first, Martis let runners on in each of the next four innings, giving up a double in the second, a two-run triple in the third, a double and a walk in the fourth and a one-out RBI single in the fifth, before he finally retired the Orioles in order again in the sixth. In the seventh, Martis surrendered a leadoff single to Brian Roberts and the two-run blast to Adam Jones before he was lifted from his 9th start in line for a loss...


After Dunn's big blast in the Nationals' seventh put DC ahead 8-5, left-hander Joe Beimel came on in the eighth to face the 8th, 9th and 1st O's batters, retiring them quickly and in order to set the stage for the return of "Wild" Joel Hanrahan, who took the mound after Washington failed to score in the eighth, and put the Orioles down as quickly as they could step up, 1-2-3 on a steady diet of heaters, Adam Jones K's, Nick Markakis K's, Aubey Huff grounds to second, Anderson Hernadez throws to first baseman Ronnie Belliard, Nationals win. 8-5 final. 

Nationals win, 8-5 final.

Miss The Game? The DC Faithful Were Watching.

For The Completists, Full Game Report After The Jump...

Nationals now 13-30.

Baltimore Orioles at Washington Nationals. Game 43 of 162.

Brian Roberts takes a swing at Shairon Martis’ first pitch and barely connects flying out to Josh Willingham in left. Willie Harris catches the second out from Adam Jones in center. Austin Kearns gets a good jump on Nick Markakis’ fly, Kearns tracks it to the out-of-town scoreboard in right and leaps into the wall, crashing as he makes the catch...Willie Harris leads off with a double into right. Cristian “Two-Spot” Guzman moves Harris to third with a groundout to second. Ryan Zimmerman lines out, Adam Dunn grounds sharply to first, Willie Harris stranded at third, O's righty Brad Bergesen through one...

Aubrey Huff doubles over Austin Kearns’ head in right. Adam Dunn makes his way into foul territory off first to catch Ty Wigginton’s pop up. Huff tags and takes third. Shairon Martis gets a called strike three on Nolan Reimold for out No. 2. O’s catcher Chad Moeller grounds to Guzman at short to Dunn at first...Josh Willingham singles off Bergesen to start the DC second. Ronnie Belliard chases a two-strike slider off the outside edge. Austin Kearns grounds to Robert Andino at short, to Brian Roberts to Aubrey Huff, double play to end the inning. 


Robert Andino flies out to Willie Harris. Brad Bergesen singles by Martis on the mound and into center. Brian Roberts works a one-out walk. Adam Jones pops out to short right for the second out. Martis goes 3-0 with Markakis up. Markakis shoots a line drive to left center, Willingham and Willie Harris converge, Harris leaps, but can’t come up with it, two runs score, Markakis in at third, 2-0 O’s. Ronnie Belliard’s back on the grass at second to field Aubrey Huff’s grounder and end the top of the frame...Wil Nieves grounds off Bergesen’s glove to Wigginton, to first, "You're Out!!" Shairon Martis grounds out. Willie Harris squares to bunt and gets plunked. Bergesen gets Guzman swinging to end the third. 


Ty Wigginton pops the first pitch of the fourth out to left. Nolan Reimold pops out to the infield. Chad Moeller rips into a full-count fastball for what should be a flyout, WIllingham misjudges it and drops it as he crashes face-first into the wall. Robert Andino gets the intentionals. Brad Bergesen grounds up the middle, Guzman fields and throws, off the mark, safe at first. Bases loaded for Brian Roberts. Fly ball to left, Willingham has this one...2-0 O’s middle of four...Ryan Zimmerman sends Adam Jones back to the track in center with a long fly out. Adam Dunn pops out over short. Josh Willingham rips into a fastball that Adam Jones catches in center to end the fourth. 


Adam Jones takes a full-count change on the arm. With Markakis up, Adam Jones steals second (he was out). Markakis grounds to first, Jones to third. Aubrey Huff rips a one-out single through second, Jones scores. 3-0 O’s. Ty Wigginton pops out. Nolan Reimold pops out to Guzman at short...Ronnie Belliard starts the DC fifth with a flyout to Adam Jones. Austin Kearns finds room down the line to sneak in a double. Wil Nieves lines over first and into the stands jutting out near right, Kearns scores from second, 3-1 Baltimore. Shairon Martis slices a double to center to score Nieves, who beat the throw home! 3-2 O’s. Cristian Guzman chops a grounder to second to end the fifth. 


Chad Moeller grounds the first pitch of the sixth to Ryan Zimmerman, who throws a short hopper to first that Dunn handles. Shairon Martis gets Robert Andino and Zimmerman makes another short throw on a grounder from Bergesen, but Dunn gets that too...Ryan Zimmerman lifts the first pitch of the DC sixth to left for a leadoff single in front of Dunn. Adam Du...SHAKE N BAKE!! SHAKE N BAKE!! Two-run HR to deep center and GONE!! 4-3 DC. Josh Willingham pushes the first out to Andino at short. Ronnie Belliard grounds to short. Austin Kearns drops a single in short center to keep the inning alive. Bergesen out for Chris Ray. Wil Nieves chops back to the mound to end the sixth, with DC up 4-3. 


Brian Roberts goes back up the middle with a hard hit grounder to start the seventh. 84 mph 0-1 slider, to Adam Jones, line drive to left, and Adam Jones takes the lead right back. Two-run HR, 5-4 Orioles. Ron Vill0.00ne replaces Shairon Martis. Nick Markakis pops out to Zimmerman at third. Vill0.00ne walks Aubrey Huff. Ty Wigginton flies out unproductively to right. Vill0.00ne walks Reimold. Willie Harris runs down a line drive to center from Chad Moeller. 5-4 O’s after seven and a half...Anderson “Elvis” Hernandez starts the DC seventh with a liner by second. Willie Harris shoots a dribbler through the infield and into right. Two on for Guzman. The Guzzz gets down a sweet sac bunt and almost beats the throw to first. Ryan Zimmerman gets the intentionals, and Jamie Walker’s coming out to face Dunn. Adam Du--SHAKE N BAKE!! SHAKE N BAKE!! Grand Slam to left!! 8-5 Nationals. Willingham lines to left, Ronnie Belliard grounds to short, 8-5 DC after seven. 


Joe Beimel gets a fly ball to right, it’s going foul, it curves back in, Austin Kearns overruns it, but reaches back for the grab as he crashes into stands. Beimel confuses Felix Pie with a two-strike curve. Anderson Hernandez in at second base, leaps to his left to rob Brian Roberts...Austin Kearns leads off the DC eighth against Mark Hendrickson, Kearns K’s swinging over a two-strike curve. Wil Nieves singles to center. Anderson Hernandez K’s swinging. Willie Harris grounds out to first...Here comes Hanny...!!!


Adam Jones fouls off a two-strike slider and then gets 96mph up in his grill, swinging K!! Nick Markakis swings through a 95 mph two-strike fastball down the middle. Aubrey Huff grounds to second, Anderson Hernandez throws to first, Nationals win!! 8-5 final. 


Nationals now 13-30.