Giants' Fan - Trade Inquiry

Given the fact that the Giants have lots of quality pitching and no hitting; and the Nats have quality hitting but no pitching, they are logical trade partners.  I know the value of the Giant's arms, but want to know more about what Nats fans think about their bats.  Specifically, I want to know the value of two: 1) Nick Johnson and 2) Ryan Zimmerman.

I know, I know... there's no way you're going to trade Zimmerman.  I get that.  I just want to hear your thoughts on his value relative to what the Giants have.

For your convenience, below is a list of young Giants pitchers you may or may not be interested in.  By no means is this list exhaustive, but I've listed the pitchers that I think actually have value and, for the most part, don't want the Giants to trade (with one notable exception).  Relievers are denoted with an * and lefties with a #.



Tim Lincecum

Matt Cain

Jonathan Sanchez (#)

Merkin Valdez*

Brian Wilson*

Barry Zito (# - He's only 31!  Pretty please?)



Alex Hinshaw* (#)

Osirios Matos*

Kevin Pucetas

Billy Sadler*

Sergio Romo*



Tim Alderson

Madison Bumgarner (#)

Henry Sosa

Waldis Juaquin*

Jesse English* (#)

Ben Snyder* (#)



Scott Barnes (#)

Edwin Quiarte*

Wilamin Rodriguez* (#)

Clayton Tanner (#)


Would a package centering on Merkin Valdez (who has legit closer potential) be enough to get Johnson?

What about a package centering on Sanchez and Alderson?  Enough for Zimmerman?

Thanks in advance for your comments!



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