The Nats Scapegoat-Manny Acta

In today's Wash. Post, Tom Bozwell, writes about the possible peril of Manny Acta's job. In fact, Bozwell says this firing could occur by All-Star break.

I maintain that Manny Acta is being made the Scapegoat for the demise of the Nats,

when, in fact, the real culprit is none other than the owners of this team, the Lerner's.

Are sportswriters afraid to say anything about the cheap, penny-pinching, micro-managing Lerner's. At some point, somebody with some guts will tell the real story of the Nats ownership. This team was dead on arrival when the Lerner's took over.

Bowden, of course, was the arrogant, loser General Manager, who traded fan favorites for nothing and traded away folks who maybe were past their primes, but still brought leadership and a competitive, excitement to our Nats. Yes, that was Livan Hernandez, the other night, going 9 innings for Mets beating our Nats. When was the last time a Nat went 9 innings? Remember Soriano, Ryan Church, Brian Schneider, etc. These were not superstars, except for Soriano, that at the very least, provided excitement, leadership, and experience. They were fan favorites, but Bowden traded them away alienating the fans. The inflated expectations we were told about, regarding the great minor league prospects, and how, in just 3 years we would see a turn around, ended when the cheap skate owners failed to really go after some blue chips players especially pitchers, and then failed to sign a top draft pick. The owners have alientated the city with their deliquent failure to pay rent on the stadium because a few ofices were not finished in time.

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that Manny Acta is one of the best , young managers in baseball, who, if given some real major league players, especially pitching, he could really go somewhere with this team. I'm afraid the owners have now alientated Manny enough now, so he is Mets bound no matter what. He deserves an owner and a team with great players. I predict he will win the World Series in 2010 with the Mets. By this time next year Manny will be gone, Stan Kirsten will be gone, and the Nats will have not signed Strasburg. All of which, dooms this team for another decade, or until the Lerners sell out.


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