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Stephen Strasburg Suffers First Loss Of '09, Nationals Lose 34th, 5-4 To Phillies.


Strasburg Beaten By Cavaliers. 

Stephen Strasburg went 7.0 innings, K'd 15, threw 118 pitches and allowed just 2 ER on 8 hits, but two of those hits, a HR in the first, and an RBI single in the second, were all the Virginia Cavaliers would need to defeat the SDSU Aztecs by a final score of 5-1, handing Strasburg his first loss of the year, and potentially ending his collegiate career.

Nationals Lose 34th.

In Philadelphia, the Washington Nationals gave up 16 hits in the fifth-straight loss to the Phillies, and their fourth-straight loss overall, as they dropped a 5-4 decision that was mainly the result of some inept play in the outfield where Josh Willingham, Justin Maxwell and Adam Dunn combined to miss 3 or 4 fly balls* that any other outfield in the majors would have caught. 

Jesus Flores To See Dr. Andrews.

Washington Post writer Chico Harlan reported earlier this evening, in a Nationals Journal post entitled, "Flores Has Injury Setback", that the Nationals' 24-year-old catcher Jesus Flores, who was scheduled to return to the DC roster, will instead be headed for Birmingham, Alabama, where the Dr. no one wants to see, Dr. James Andrews will examine Flores' shoulder, which was hit by a foul ball in early April, and apparently reaggravated as he rehabbed. 

Strasburg Suffers First LossBox Score.

Phillies win, 5-4 final. 

Miss The Game Or Strasburg's Start? The DC Faithful Were Watching...

For The Completists, Full Game Report After The Jump...

Nationals now 13-34.


Washington Nationals at Philadelphia Phillies. Game 47 of 162. 


Crisitan Guzman flies out to right field for the first out of the evening. Nick Johnson uses his Discerning Eye to draw a walk out of Philly starter J.A. Happ. Ryan Zimmerman swings through a two-strike fastball inside. Adam Dunn’s first pitch swinging and he grounds weakly to first...Jimmy Rollins doubles by Ryan ZImmerman at third. DC lefty Ross Detwiler faces Shane Victorino. Nick Johnson snags a sharp liner off Victorino’s bat. Rollins steals third, sliding in headfirst just ahead of the throw. Chase Utley pops out to the infield, where Anderson Hernandez catches the second out. Ross Detwiler drops a two-strike curve on curve-challenged Ryan Howard, who K’s to end the first. 


Josh Willingham destroys a fastball to left and out of the Phillies’ miniature ballpark. 1-0 DC. Josh Bard pops out to Howard at first. Anderson Hernandez flies out to right field. Justin Maxwell grounds to short...Ross Detwiler gets a groundball to first from Raul Ibanez. Jayson Werth grounds up the middle, Cristian Guzman gets there, but his throw is late and it bounces anyway. Pedro Feliz singles to right to put two on for Carlos Ruiz. Ruiz gets a fastball on the outside edge, and pushes it over Dunn’s head* in right for an RBI double. Dunn has the ball slip out of his hand as he throws back in and he has to pick it up again and throw in**. 1-0 Philly. Detwiler strikes the opposing pitcher out and gets a fly ball out to Maxwell in center to end the second. 


Ross Detwiler stares strike three from Happ all the way in. Cristian Guzman grounds weakly to short. Nick “Two-Spot” Johnson fouls off a few 2-2 pitches and eventually straightens one out, singling to center. Zimmerman at bat, and Nick Johnson gets picked off and tagged at second...Shane Victorino takes a swing at the first pitch and singles back up the middle. Chase Utley flies to left, and Willingham leaps at the wall and misses***, Victorino to third, on the double. Ryan Howard lines into the dramatic shift. Raul Ibanez gets a curve he can handle, and singles to right center to score two runs. 3-1 Phillies. Jason Werth pops out to short left. Pedro Feliz triples off the wall in center, Maxwell tracks it and leaps into the wall, but comes up empty****. Ibanez scores, 4-1 Phils. Carlos Ruiz gets the intentionals. J.A. Happ grounds out to second to end the third. 


J.A. Happ walks Ryan Zimmerman in front of Dunn in the top of the fourth. Adam Dunn pops out to center, Victorino handles it. Josh Willingham gets hit in the elbow. Anderson Hernandez is up with two on. Anderson Hernandez K’s looking, though he doesn’t agree, Happ through four with the lead...Jimmy Rollins doubles by third again, into left for another double. Shane Victorino lines to short center. Chase Utley frounds out to second, Anderson Hernandez takes the force at second, Rollins scores, 5-1 Philly. Ryan Howard works the count full and flies to left and Willingham dives in and makes a spectacular grab. Nick Johnson robs Raul Ibanez with backhand stab on a hard hit grounder. 5-1 Philly after four. 


Justin Maxwell leads off the fifth, and gets called out on strikes on a knee-high fastball he thinks is low. Austin Kearns walks. Cristian Guzman grounds out to second, Kearns avoids the tag on the way to second, but Guz is out. Nick Johnson flies out to Shane Victorino in deep center...Jason Bergmann gets a long fly ball to center from Jayson Werth to start the Phils' fifth. Cristian Guzman leaps to bring down a liner from Pedro Feliz. Carlos Ruiz pushes an outside fastball to right and over Adam Dunn’s head in right for a two-out double. Bergmann strikes out the opposing pitcher. 


Ryan Zimmerman lines to right off Happ to start the sixth. Adam Dunn takes a two-strike fastball for a backwards K. Willingham gets hit again. Happ is done, replaced by Chad Durbin, who’ll face Josh Bard. Bard doubles off the base out the out-of-town scoreboard, Zimmerman scores, 5-2 Phils. Anderson Hernandez sneaks a single through second, Hammer and Bard score, 5-4 Philly. Justin Maxwell fouls strike three into the catcher’s mitt. Pinch hitter Ronnie Belliard lines out to Feliz at third...Ron Vill0.00ne takes over, and gets a groundout from Rollins for the first out. Shane Victorino shoots a single out to left. Victorino moves to third on a pop out from Utley. Ryan Howard gorunds into the dramatic shift, Vill0.00ne remains perfect. 


Cristian Guzman lines the first pitch out to center. Nick Johnson skies one to right, that Werth eventually gets under. Zimmerman grounds out to second, Nationals in a rush to end it...Raul Ibanez hits a leadoff single to center. Vill0.00ne out for Mike MacDougal. Jason Werth hits a hard grounder to short, Guzman knocks it down to hold Ibanez at second. Pedro Feliz gets hit in the leg. McDougal out, Joe Beimel comes out of the pen. John Mayberry, Jr. K’s swinging at a sinking two-strike fastball. 


Adam Dunn flies out to right. Josh Willingham hits a one-out single to center off Ryan Madson. Josh Bard works the count full and takes a one-out walk. Anderson Hernandez flies out to center. Justin Maxwell gets called out looking at a fastball down the pipe...Joe Beimel gives up a leadoff single over second to Shane Victorino. Beimel gets a DP grounder from Chase Utley. Ryan Howard flies to left and a leaping Josh Willingham can’t come up with it.***** Full count to Raul Ibanez, who walks. Nick Johnson picks it, gets Werth’s grounder and runs over to step on the bag. 


Willie Harris flies out to right field on a 1-2 slider. Cristian Guzman K’s swinging over a two-strike slider. Nick Johnson takes a full-count fastball high and outside and gets called out looking, Phillies win, 5-4 final. 


Nationals now 13-34.