Soon Bye-bye Nick Johnson

Tis the season to trade. June is especially a big month, when winning teams (the haves) try to obtain the best palayers from the losers( have-nots) for the second half run.

While it's not new news the Mets are going all out to get Nick Johnson from the Nats to replace aging and ailing, Carlos Del Gado. So much so that the rumor is the top Nats scouts (Do we have any?) are going all out scouting Mets' AAA and AA rosters, ,hopefully,  for pitching.This trade seems all but imminent.

But let's stop a minute. Here again is a decent player of quality, and a fan favorite!

Someone we can enjoy as a true major league player!

True, I think he is in his last year of contract next year??, but what will the Nats get in return? Probably another has been or never will. At least, Johnson is a solid, consistant player who has overcome a lot of adversity with his injuries. He is also another player who wants out from the Nats and its cheap skate owners.He is just another quality player who knows that withe present ownership, he will never enjoy the thrill of playoffs, and possible participation in the World Series.The Nats are rapidly becoming a farm team for the big boys like the Mets. This just like the old KC A's were with the Yankees. Major league baseball is rapidly becoming the haves and have-nots via free agency and big money. It is losing it's competitiveness.

Will ever be any joy in Nats town???



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