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Washington Nationals' Manager Manny Acta Talks To The People...

(ed. note - "This past Saturday, as part of the Washington Nationals Blogger Day, DC Manager Manny Acta took time out before the game to answer any and all questions the so-called Natosphere had for him. What follows is the unedited audio of that blogger/press conference...")

Manny Acta:

"...I think everybody knows, um, that we have had some defensive problems, overall, um, I think, uh, if any one of you guys gets really familiar and comes around, and the beat writers or whoever are around knows that it is not because of lack of work, because, um, I challenge you, to get any team in the major leagues to take more infield than we do, and to work on fundamentals like we do...But, that being said it hasn't worked out...and sometimes it goes farther than the work habit..."



Manny Acta speaks to the DC Bloggers: FULL AUDIO...17min, 33sec...

AUDIO : Manny Acta Talks To The People.