A picture that tells a thousand words...or maybe just one.

As you guys may not know - I come from a bit of photographic background and figured it might be interesting to look at the Nats season via photos.

To me some of pics this year have said all that need to say about what the season has been this year. So feel free to add a pic from the thread and a caption and explain why you like it.

"I never saw it" Willingham said.

Hammertzz_mediumvia the Washington Post.

To me this photo sums up the season. Josh 'Hammer' Willingham loses the ball in...the dark... and haplessly asks he coleagues "where the hell is it?".

It's both comical and horrifically sad.

The deep fly ball, hit by Nolan Reimold, ended up being a 3 run homer. I almost couldn't watch when I saw Hammer had completely lost sight of the ball and then desperately seeks help finding it. I swear he actually flinches when the shadow of the ball passes over his head.

It's not just the fact that the Nats have been horrible in the field (outfield also) but Im tortured by the fact that the 6 year old and his 14 year old brother clearly are better than Hammer at picking up the ball off the bat. If he wasn't tanked, I'd also suggest that the orange Darth Vader in the rows behind them might have had a go at catching it.

Im so glad that it didn't drop in for an in-the-park home run... we've seen enough of those.

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