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With 300th Win, Randy Johnson Now 300-164. Giants Beat Nationals, 5-1. Then 4-1.

First Response: (written between games, the immediate reaction to Randy Johnson's 300th win.)

Randy Johnson had a no-hitter through four, but Elijah Dukes broke that up with a broken bat single to start the fifth, so Johnson had to settle for a simple win, no. 300 of his 22-year MLB career. Johnson throws 6.0 innings, gives up just 2 hits, 2 walks, and an unearned run. The Nationals score one in the 6th to cut the Giants' 2-0 lead in half, and Johnson's 300th "W" is put in serious jeopardy in the 8th when Giants' reliever Brandon Medders gives up a leadoff single and Jeremy Affeldt gives up a two-out walk, forcing closer Brian Wilson to come on early. Wilson walks Ryan Zimmerman, so he has to face Adam Dunn with the bases loaded...Dunn K's looking at a low 96 mph fastball outside that's called strike three...Dunn argues, but the Ump doesn't change his mind...Wilson comes back for the ninth with a 5-1 lead after Joel Hanrahan implodes again. Wilson gives up a two-out single, but strikes out the side. Randy Johnson gets the big W. 

The Big Story.

Were you watching? When Randy Johnson won game No. 300, becoming just the 24th pitcher in MLB History to reach that total, and the second player (named Johnson) to do so in a Washington, DC ballpark...(The first? Do you have to ask? Walter Johnson recorded his 300th win in a Senators' triumph over the Detroit Tigers on May 14, 1920 in Griffith Stadium.) Were you watching when DC's Ronnie Belliard beat out a ground ball with two outs in the ninth and the crowd assembled inside Nationals Park booed the call? Did you hear the crowd chanting, "Ran-dy! Ran-dy! Ran-dy!"? Were these all Giants' fans? Fans of baseball history just happy to see a piece of it made? Were they Nationals' fans so desparate to be associated with winning that they decided to get behind Randy Johnson, whose only connection to the DC franchise lies back in Montreal, a team whose history the DC Faithful otherwise want no part of? Were you watching the second game of the doubleheader?

Washington Post writer Chico Harlan noted in a Nationals Journal post last night entitled, "In A Rain Delay", (which was put up shortly after the second game of the Giants/Nationals doubleheader was delayed because a steady rain which had fallen all day, had finally become intolerable), that when the tarp was rolled over the field, and the game was officially in a Delay, he realized:

"...there is virtually nobody in the stadium right now other than press, players, and stadium employees. There are maybe 50 people in the Red Loft area, and about 25 in one upper deck section of the outfield. Other than that, the attendance is... well, maybe seven or eight."

Of course, they never came back to finish it up, the Giants claimed the second game of the double header by a score of 4-1 F/6, but if the teams had returned to the field, it would've been in front of a near-empty house. The DC Faithful aren't turning out for the Nationals, who have lost 18 of 26 games at home, including 11 of the last 14 in Nationals Park, and 8 of the last 10 overall. They didn't even turn out to see baseball history being made. Sure it was a makeup game for a rainout, in yet another persistent storm, and sure it was a 4:30 pm start that was delayed over 30 minutes by rain that many ticket holders probably looked at and found unappealing...but they don't really turn out en masse for the games that take place on time and as scheduled either...

Randy Johnson's 300th...


Giants win, 5-1 final. 

Giants win, 4-1 final.

Miss Randy Johnson's 300th? The DC Faithful Were Watching...

Did You Stay Around For The Nightcap? The DC Faithful Did...

For The Completists, Full Double Header Report After The Jump...

Nationals now 14-37. 

Nationals now 14-38. 

Game 1 of 2. 

San Francisco Giants At Washington Nationals. Game 51 or 52 of 162. 


(ed. note - "Before I start watching...DC right-hander Jordan Zimmermann strikes out Aaron Rowand and Edgar Renteria, both looking, and gets a ground ball to first out of Randy Winn...")


Bottom of first - 

Alberto Gonzalez grounds out to Edgar Renteria at short for the first out of Randy Johnson’s first attempt at win No. 300. Aaron Rowand makes a diving catch to steal a trademark single away from Nick Johnson. Emmanuel Burriss is standing behind second to field Ryan Zimmerman’s grounder, Randy Johnson’s through the first. 


Jordan Zimmermann gets Bengie Molina swinging through a two-strike fastball on the outside corner. Fred Lewis singles to left center. Travis Ishikawa gets a grounder through Nick Johnson’s gold glove, allowing Fred Lewis to take third. Ronnie Belliard snaps up a one-hopper from Juan Uribe, throwing to first as Lewis scores, 1-0 Giants. Zimmermann throws too good a fastball for an 0-2 count and gives up an RBI line drive to Emmanuel Burriss for a 2-0 Giants’ lead. Zimmermann gets Randy Johnson swinging to end the top of the second...Adam Dunn starts the AB with Randy Johnson up 3-0, and he ends up swinging through strike three for Johnson’s 1st K. Elijah Dukes grounds a 2-2 slider weakly to short. Austin Kearns K’s swinging through 92 mph heat. 


Aaron Rowand gives Ryan Zimmerman an infield practice grounder. Edgar Renteria takes a 3-2 slider for a called strike three. Randy Winn tries to will a grounder foul, but it stays fair for Nick Johnson to record the final out of the Giants’ third...Ronnie Belliard grounds an 0-2 fastball out to short. Wil Nieves rolls the second out to Burriss at short. Jordan Zimmermann grounds back to the mound. 


Zimmermann gets the 5th K of the day from Bengie Molina on a 2-2 slider. Fred Lewis grounds to Alberto Gonzalez, who sidearms an arching throw to first. Travis Ishikawa hits one hard, but right at Dunn in left...Alberto Gonzalez grounds out for the tenth straight out to start the game. Nick Johnson works a one-out walk for the first baserunner of the day for DC. Ryan Zimmerman takes 2-2 pitch outside for a short ride to right for Randy Winn. Adam Dunn pops a 1-1 pitch out toward first. Johnson through four...


A 1-2 pitch up high to Juan Uribe is lined out to Zimmerman at third. A 1-2 pitch to Emmanuel Burris goes right back to Zimmermann. Randy Johnson K’s looking to end the Giants’ fifth...Elijah Dukes has hit bat shattered, but he gets enough to send it rolling into center for the first hit of the day. A fastball from Randy Johnson tails and gets away from Bengie Molina with Austin Kearns up, Kearns takes three more and there’s two on for Ronnie Belliard. Belliard hits a grounder that jumps after it rolls over the mound and Emmanuel Burris dives to get it, tosses to second, Renteria to first, a spectacular DP from DC native Emmanuel Burriss. 


Jordan Zimmermann gets a groundout to Ryan Zimmerman (no relation) from Aaron Rowand for the first out of the sixth. Renteria rolls the second out to third, Zimmerman does it again. Randy Winn pops out foul of third, Zimmerman does it all...Randy Johnson comes down off his perch to knock the ball down and throw pinch hitter Anderson "Elvis" Hernandez out at first. Alberto Gonzalez gets a free base when Edgar Renteria’s throw to first gets under Ishikawa’s glove. Nick Johnson lines a 2-2 fastball to left center and to the wall for a trademark RBI single NJ™, 2-1 Giants. Ryan Zimmerman grounds out to short. Adam Dunn pops out to Uribe foul of third to end the sixth. 


Ron Vill0.00NE gets a pop fly foul of first from Bengie Molina, Nick Johnson has it. Fred Lewis grounds sharply to first, Nick Johnson has it. Travis Ishikawa K’s looking to end the top of the seventh...Brandon Medders takes over for Randy Johnson. Elijah Dukes K’s swinging over a curve. Austin Kearns K’s swinging at a two-strike curve. Ronnie Belliard pops out to second to end the seventh. 


A 1-2 pitch to Juan Uribe is popped out to second. Ronnie Belliard throws out Emmanuel Burriss. Brandon Medders goes down looking...Wil Nieves lines a single to center to start the frame. Medders out. Jeremy Affeldt on to face Cristian Guzman, who flies out on the first pitch. Alberto Gonzalez hits a one-hopper to short with Nieves running to avoid the DP. Nick Johnson tries to hit a 3-1 pitch over the moon, but misses. Full count, Nick Johnson uses his Discerning Eye to draw a one-out walk. Ryan Zimmerman will face Brian Wilson. Zimmerman walks with two down, bases loaded for Adam Dunn. Dunn K’s looking at a fastball which is called strike three.


Aaron Rowand singles to start the ninth. Edgar Renteria lines a dead duck to left, second and third, no out. Randy Winn pushes a 1-2 pitch to left, two runs score. 4-1 Giants. Bengie Molina reaches down and lines a fastball to center. Winn to third. Hanrahan’s out, Joe Beimel on to end the inning. Pablo Sandoval lines out to center, and Dukes’ throw is short and it bounces off the mound, 5-1. Andres Torres flies out to Dukes...Elijah Dukes K’s swinging through a 96 mph fastball. Austin Kearns K’s swinging. Ronnie Belliard grounds to second, and barely beats out the throw to first. Wil Nieves goes down swinging, and Randy Johnson gets a W for the 300th time. 


Giants win, 5-1 final. 


Nationals now 14-37.


Game 2 of 2.


San Francisco Giants At Washington Nationals. Game 51 or 52 of 162. 


Ross Detwiler gets a fly ball to center where Willie Harris catches the first out of the night game. Edgar Renteria flies out to Dukes in right. Ross Detwiler gets Giants’ LF Andres Torres swinging to end the top of the first...The Guzzz, Cristian Guzman doubles to start the Nationals’ first. Nick Johnson’s trademark single NJ™ moves Guzman to third, and Ryan Zimmerman’s sac fly scores Guzman for a 1-0 DC lead. Adam Dunn walks to put two on for Elijah Dukes. Dukes grounds out to second, both runners move up. Willie Harris K’s swinging through a fastball up high. 


Ross Detwiler gets a ground ball out out of Pablo Sandoval. Rich Aurilia hits a one-out single to center. Eli Whiteside pops out to Nick Johnson foul of first. Nate Schierholtz lines one into Nick Johnson’s glove to end the Giants’ second...Josh Bard flies out to Rowand in short center. Anderson Hernandez slices a liner into the left field corner and comes in standing at second where he does a DY-Wave to the dugout. Ross Detwiler K’s swinging. Cristian Guzman chases strike three as it rises over his head. 


Matt Cain hits a one-out single through second. Aaron Rowand lines an 0-2 pitch to center where Willie Harris makes the catch. Elijah Dukes hustles over to the line to catch the third out off of Renteria’s bat...Nick Johnson pops a full count pitch up behind the mound. Ryan Zimmerman works a one-out walk in front of Adam Dunn. Dunn K’s swinging through a two-strike fastball at 95 mph up high. Elijah Dukes pops out to Rich Aurilia to end the third. 


Andres Torres hits a ground ball through short for a leadoff single off Detwiler. Pablo Sandoval up, Detwiler picks Torres off first, but he beats Nick Johnson’s throw to second. Sandoval grounds back to the mound, Torres to third. Rich Aurilia grounds out to short. Eli Whiteside lines an RBI single the other way to knock in Torres from third, 1-1 ballgame. Detwiler gets Nate Schierholtz looking to end the Giants’ fourth...Willie Harris' fly ball falls into left center, right between Schierholtz and Rowand, and Harris takes third, sliding in safely in front of the throw. Josh Bard flies unproductively to center. Anderson Hernandez flies out unproductively to left. Cain throws a 92 mph heater by Detwiler, Harris stranded at third. 


Emmanuel Burriss lofts a weak fly to right and it lands inside the line, Burriss takes second ahead of Dukes’ throw in. Matt Cain pops out on a bunt attempt. Aaron Rowand lines to center and Burris beats the throw home from Harris in center to Hernandez and home. 2-1 Giants. Edgar Renteria singles to right. Detwiler gets Andres Torres chasing a two-strike curve that drops out of the zone. Pablo Sandoval doubles off the out-of-town scoreboard. Rowand scores. 3-1 Giants. Renteria to third. Rich Aurilia singles to left to score Renteria. 4-1. Eli Whiteside flies out to right to end the inning. 4-1 Giants...Cristian Guzman grounds weakly to second. Nick Johnson K’s chasing a high fastball. Ryan Zimmerman Ryan Zimmerman singles to center with two down. Adam Dunn K’s swinging through a letter-high fastball. 


Nate Schierholtz hits a leadoff double to right, sliding in ahead of Dukes’ throw. Detwiler gets Cain swinging with a two-strike bender...Rain Delay...


Giants win, 4-1 final. F/6


Nationals now 14-38.