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Washington Post writer Dave Sheinin Talks Stephen Strasburg With ESPN's Bob Ley...

OTL Talkback: Signing Stephen Strasburg - ESPN Video - ESPN

ESPN Video: David Sheinin of the Washington Post and Bob Ley talk about the Nationals chances of signing Stephen Strasburg...

Topics Discussed: 

• Will the Nationals take Strasburg.

• Do the Nationals have any leverage? How about the #1 and #2 picks in 2010?

• Mr. Sheinin mentions "The Plan".

• Error Montage: 1) Ball bounces off Dunn's head. 2) Cristian Guzman comes up empty. 3) Nick Johnson and Anderson Hernandez come up empty. 4) Dunn misses a line drive in right.

• What will Strasburg sign for?

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